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Marna Currie – Book Journeys Author Interview

Marna CurrieAngela Lauria’s Book Journeys episode last week was graced by author Marna Currie who wrote the book, How to Heal Psoriasis from the Inside Out: An Energetic Perspective. The book takes a completely different view from traditional ways on the treatment of psoriasis as Marna looks at the problem from the inside out. She narrates how in her own experience with psoriasis, she had tried everything that was offered, from medical and complementary therapies to herbal stuff and raw or vegan diets, but ultimately came to the conclusion that she had to shift energetically before anything physical really happened. As one who wanted to get to the root cause of the disease, she experimented with the likes of energy medicine and Emotional Freedom Technique. She then started to feel the shift and everything just seemed to change in her entire perspective of the world and her body. As she got deeper into it, she felt that she had to put down her fascinating journey on paper.

Marna was never a lover of English or writing in school, so writing a book was something she never intended to do. But she says it chose her ultimately as she just felt compelled to put the subject down on paper. In coming out with the book, she wanted to give others hope and provide them with tools to empower themselves even as she didn’t find any stories out there about people actually healing themselves from this disease. It was a surprise for Marna to realize the amount of knowledge she had acquired on the subject matter even as she gathered all the notes she wrote down for years.

How to Heal PsoriasisMarna struggled with the fear of being seen and criticized as she wrote the book, but the compulsion to write just overtook that. And knowing her inner critic was always going to drag out, she acknowledged that she couldn’t have finished the book without the help of the team at The Difference Press who pushed her to meet her deadlines. She also used EFT in dealing with her own fears and concerns about the book. She says that having a fierce inner critic is something that can be worked on using EFT which is one of the best tools that can be used to reduce that charge in one’s energy.

For Marna, if one has a message for the world that is burning inside them, they just have to acknowledge any doubts they have and work through it with tools like EFT. And her final word of advice: “If you feel like you are that person that needs that management from another person, just stick with it and do it with Difference Press because you’ll be an author way faster than you realize.”


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Watch out for Angela’s interview with another exciting author.


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