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The Author Incubator Authors' Books

A CFO’s Blueprint for Small Business Owners

Pam Prior

Shatter the Invisible Barrier Holding Your Business Back

Alana Mills

A Guide to Health and Renewed Purpose for the Grieving Heart

Denise Sherman

And Other Stories from a Life of Sensory and Social Invalidation

Becca Lory Hector

Confronting the Line between Transformation and Exploitation

Anne L. Peterson

La historia de un inmigrante que en 10 años logró pasar de la bancarrota a millonario

Héctor E. Quiroga, J.D.

The 14-Step Roadmap to Make Your Independent Consulting Goals a Reality

Melisa Liberman

10 Steps to Doing What You Love, Earning Your Dream Life

Maya Manseau

Attracting Strategic Investors to Fund Your Vision

Greg Weiss

8 Steps to Reclaiming Your Passion and Purpose

Maya Manseau

Online Dating Adventures for the Woman Who’s Given Up

Juli A. Wills

Create a 7-Figure Legacy Business as a Real Estate Professional

Connie Grant

One Immigrant’s 10-Year Journey from Bankrupt to Millionaire

Héctor E. Quiroga, J.D.

A Parent’s Guide to Fostering Concentration, Resilience, and Academic Achievement in a Distracted World

Nancy Howes, MEd

The Doctor-Patient Partnership

Jay H. Kleiman, MD

How Nurses Triumph over Burnout to Manifest Their Dream

N. Collins-Clagett, BSN, RN

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