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Alexandra Greenawalt – Book Journeys Author Interview

On this episode of Book Journeys, Pleasance Silicki interviews Alexandra Greenawalt, author of Love What You Wear: Mastering Your Style in Multiple Homes.

Whereas most people who join the Author Incubator program are first-time authors, Alexandra is one of the few who have written at least one book before joining the program. Alexandra confessed that her second book, in particular, didn’t result in her being able to generate the leads she needed for her business, which was why she was actually looking for someone to help market it.  She came upon Angela at a women’s conference and thought of hiring her as her marketer for her second book, and after calling up Angela several times Alexandra finally decided to join the Author Incubator program and write her third book, which is Love What You Wear.

Writing, for Alexandra, comes easily, and she confessed that the other aspects of publishing a book, coupled with her perfectionist tendencies, were what made the publishing process of her first book a “monster” which resulted in a “huge time suck.” Writing Love What You Wear in the Author Incubator program enabled Alexandra to communicate her own “special zone of genius” to others as well as to make those who read the book to want to hire her for her work as a stylist. Unlike some of the others in her cohort, Alexandra was clear about what she wanted to write from the start; and it was during the process that she learned that she liked structure and deadlines, as putting these on her calendar, then meeting them, gave her a sense of fulfilment.

Where the process was concerned, Alexandra singled out the visualization and meditation exercises as being two elements which helped her out greatly. She also joined the Order of the Quill, which is offered only to those authors who expect to make a ten times return on their investment in the program from their book and the activities associated with it – including the business activities of the authors – despite Angela’s reluctance for her to do so. Alexandra was able to create her own personal benchmarks after joining the Order, and also wants to adapt the principles Angela uses to the industry she presently works in.

Alexandra noted that, rather than go out and join ten different groups, she focused on staying with the Order, so her space wouldn’t get cluttered with different messages, and she thus recommends that people stick with and focus on one thing. Where benefits are concerned, Alexandra remarks that, while she still has boundaries when dealing with people, she is more open and more willing to get closer to her clients, noting as well that she had to speak her client’s language. She also remarked that Love What You Wear is not a “magic pill,” despite the fact that it gives other people a listening of her being an “expert” in her field, and that she still has to do the footwork necessary to keep her business running and the bills paid.

Alexandra can be reached at, and does style presentations as well as works one-on-one with her clients.


Listen to the Alexandra Greenawalt Interview on Book Journeys Radio

Interview Transcript: Alexandra Greenwalt – Book Journeys Author Interview – March 22, 2018

DOWNLOAD the PDF: Book Journeys Author Interview – Alexandra Greenawalt – March 22, 2018

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