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The Secret to Increase Your Consultant Salary
As a consultant, your primary goal is to make a significant difference in your clients' lives. You have the expertise and knowledge to help individuals and organizations overcome challenges, achieve…
Embrace the Writer Personality: Three Tips to Clarify Your Message
Understanding your unique writer personality is essential to gaining clarity on your book's message and creating a work that truly resonates. Your writer personality, shaped by your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and other factors, influence how you approach the…
Quit Your Corporate Job and Increase Salary on Your Own Terms
Do you dream of making a difference in the world and following your passion, but feel trapped in your corporate job? You're not alone. Many aspiring entrepreneurs find themselves in the same position, afraid to leave the stability…
3 Book Marketing Techniques to Guarantee Your Book Will Sell
For authors, one of the biggest challenges is getting your book noticed and purchased in an oversaturated market. You've poured your heart into writing, but without a strategic, proven book marketing plan, your masterpiece may sadly never reach its intended…
The Step-by-Step Guide to Get More Clients with Coaching Books
As a business owner, writing coaching books is about more than just personal achievement; it's one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. However, many authors fall into the misconception that simply publishing is enough to attract clients.…
The Author’s Guide to Media Training
Visions of becoming a bestselling author and gracing the stage of major media outlets like Oprah's show dance in the minds of countless aspiring writers. But effective media training is required to turn that dream into reality. In this guide,…
How You Can Establish Credibility as an Author and Entrepreneur
Today's marketplace is crowded. Plain and simple. Your readers are inundated with choices, and they need reassurance that investing their time and resources in you is a wise decision. By crafting a well-written book, you can establish credibility and position…
Writing Inspiration to Help You Finish Your First Draft
Rainer Maria Rilke's "Letters to a Young Poet" has been a beacon of writing inspiration for generations of authors. These letters were originally written as a series of letters to a young military cadet named Franz Kappus, so what the…
Don’t Know What to Write About? Try This…
Choosing what to write about is one of the most common struggles aspiring authors face. Whether you have too many ideas or feel like you don't have any at all, determining your book topic can be a daunting task. However,…

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