About The Author Incubator

People will tell you writing a book is a struggle, but with my system, it’s simple. There’s you and your book which is already written inside you. It already exists. We simply have to clear away the stuff between you and it.

The Author Incubator provides a structure and space so coaches and other healing professionals can get their message out to the world by writing a book that makes a difference with clarity and ease.

I’ve worked with hundreds of authors in transformation and what we’ve found is there are really only 10 pieces of the puzzle to writing a book that actually changes people’s lives. See writing a book SEEMS very complicated and that can make it overwhelming, but if you can master these 10 steps, you will have a book that makes a difference in many people’s lives. So would you like to know the steps?

Your Voice Matters
The Author Incubator isn’t just about how to write a book… it’s about creating a legacy and applying the lessons you have learned to make a lasting difference in the world. It’s ultimately an answer to the question ‘How can I use my voice and my life to help more people?’

Our belief is simple – Your voice matters and it needs to be heard.

If you want to write a book but haven’t written it yet, we’ll figure out why and teach you how to follow the D.I.F.F.E.R.E.N.C.E. process so you’ll soon be holding your book in your hands in no time.

Because of how the publishing industry is set up, many important voices don’t get heard. I’m here to change this. I am changing it with my clients. I know how to do it.

Relax. Let me guide you.
Your book is already in you – you just need a cleared path for it to be written and for your voice to be heard. I will hold the process of your book vision and journey. My programs accelerate the process – make it easy – transforming you into an author. This is why I created the Author Incubator.

Over 20 years of experience nurturing books that make a difference
I have been helping to birth dozens of books since 1994!
I have Bachelors and Masters in Journalism from The George Washington University and in 2005, I received a PhD in Communications from the European Graduate School. In 2010, I was certified as a Publishing Coach from International Institute of Coaching Studies (IICS) and in 2013 I completed my Life Coach Training with Martha Beck.

Most importantly, I love coaches and I love books! I own and treasure over 5,000 books. I have taken my “expert reader” status and used it to create a system for writing a book that deeply connects with audiences and now I’d like to help you make the difference you were born to make.