The Author Incubator is the premiere vocational school exclusively for transformational leaders who want to put their message in a book — and bring their message to the masses.

Since The Author Incubator first opened its doors, we have helped hundreds of authors write, publish and promote their books – which have in turn helped our authors change lives, skyrocket their business’s visibility and boost their revenue. Our books are designed to generate at least $250,000 in client revenue and many authors see returns much higher than that.

Our vision is to bring more magic to the world by creating a vocational school for non-fiction authors committed to creating hope, healing, and transformation.

We do this by identifying coaches, healers, and consultants with a relentless commitment to making a difference and empowering them to fulfill their life’s purpose through better-than-best-in-class customer experiences. This enables us to fund a campus where these very same magic-makers can feel safe and well-taken care of in teaching their own magic on our campus. The Author Incubator was ranked #275 on the Inc. 500 fastest-growing companies and #60 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur 360.

What We're All About

Our Mission + Vision

We believe magic is real. The Author Incubator’s mission is to amplify the voices of healers and magic-makers by helping them write, publish & promote their non-fiction books. This brings about permanent, lasting, meaningful change in the world.

When they work with us, students enjoy mind-blowing, magical, love-filled experiences as they prepare themselves to serve on a higher level. Our authors fulfill their life’s purpose by writing books that actually make a difference, to their businesses, their families, and in their readers’ lives.

Core Values

A servant’s heart is required for success. Our goal is not just to make money. All that we do we do because we are about making a positive difference in peoples’ lives.

Discomfort is necessary for growth. Coming out of nowhere to lead a movement of thousands of people means stepping out of your comfort zone. You can’t make a big difference in the world unless you’re willing to do this.

Results matter most. We hold you accountable to your readers to ensure you write the book that will change lives and build your business

Key Beliefs

Magic is real. Our Universe is governed by spiritual laws. Our faculty ensures our students leverage these laws in order to amplify their messages and draw in their dream clients.

Love is the only strategy. Only love is real, and so love for humanity must be at the foundation of everything we do and teach.

The prize never chases. Our students find us when they are ready to move into a new phase of their lives, and begin to make the difference they were born to make.

Dr. Angela’s Books

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Our Founder

Dr. Angela Lauria

Founded in 2013 by freelance ghostwriter and editor, Dr. Angela Lauria, The Author Incubator was first created to be a home for bold, influential—even radical—ideas in publishing. Angela had planned a career in activism and social change after completing her PhD in the European Graduate School where her dissertation “From Medea to Media: Live Performance as a Vehicle for Social Change” was published by ATRPOS PRESS as part of the Think Media Philosophy Series. Little did Angela realize that it was this experience of getting her own book published that would forever alter her trajectory. To pay her way through graduate school, she helped companies and individuals write and publish their books. However, when Angela realized the publishing industry was ripe with subversion and disruption, she decided that she was being called to do something about it. It was then that she had the vision to create The Author Incubator: To empower agents of change and transformation; coaches, healers, lightworkers to write their book, to create a difference, and ultimately, to create massive social change in the process.

Channelle Cain Finance Manager

Channelle’s then-9-month-old got her this job. Ashton didn’t want to be quiet long enough for Channelle to make her own application video, so he joined in and beamed love and positive energy for about 10 seconds before we knew having Channelle lead our finance team was written in the stars.

After a career working with Catholic Charities donors, Channelle’s natural servant’s heart was itching to make an even bigger difference. A fashionista with flair and a love for go-go music, Channelle is the Queen of getting it done but never forgets to take her love for the Lord to work!

Rae Guyn Vice President

A dedicated student of personal growth under powerful leaders like Molly Mahar, Mama Gena, and Megan Jo Wilson; and the daughter of a relationship coach and best-selling author, Jane Guyn, Rae works as #2 to Dr. Angela, but basically, she runs the place.

Because she has seen and experienced the magic of working with transformation authors, Rae is unwaveringly committed to creating more miracles and healing through the vehicle of The Author Incubator. She and her team make sure the process runs smoothly for every author in our program.

Trevor McCray Publishing Manager

Trevor joined The Author Incubator after at career at Atlantic Media and The Advisory Board. A born leader with undeniable charisma and confidence, he’s the ideal person to run our publishing division. It takes a special type of person to be the time management liaison to creative people. Trevor is that type!

His team is dedicated to producing and distributing our authors’ ebooks, print books, and audiobooks so they can get into the right hands and hearts. Publishing a book can have its sandpaper moments, but Trevor guides our authors through with love.

Robin Thompson Chief Marketing Officer

Born and raised in Aberdeen Scotland, Robin had worked with Angela in a marketing capacity many years prior to The Author Incubator coming into existence. After they stopped working together Robin went on to study shamanism with natural born healer and Shaman Victor Barron. When Angela ran into an intractable problem, she was called to hire Robin to do a shamanic healing for her which lead to Robin’s calling to The Author Incubator mission. His role is divinely inspired and bring an extremely rare combination of direct response marketing tactics and energy work.

Living Our Values

Position on Diversity

The Author Incubator believes real workplace inclusion is more than diversity. It’s about equity at every level. We believe EQUITY (not just inclusion) is what really is required to dismantle white supremacy and patriarchy.  You know those 112 women and 117 People of Color in Congress now? Yup, still not nearly enough for us.

We put muscle behind our values when it comes to building an inclusive community for staff and clients. We are an LGBTQIA+-affirming, interfaith-oriented organization that is committed to social justice and civil rights for all — including women’s rights, queer rights, disability rights, immigrant rights, and environmental justice. To be engaged, we know our employees and our authors must feel included and valued. We strive to build and nurture a culture where equality is who we are, not how we act.

We believe Black Lives Matter.

We are building our business with who share these commitments and who have a demonstrated capacity for social justice because we believe there is both social and economic upside in creating an organization that is striving for true equity and the complete obliteration of a paradigm which holds back the voices of people of color and women when it’s clear those are the PRECISE voices that are needed to heal the planet right now.

Faculty Rules

Each of our students are guided according to a set of faculty rules that allow us to make sure you are positioned for the highest possible success as a Transformational Author.

Lead with love.

If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no.

Systems enable scale.

Scale enables impact.

Discipline creates space.

Nothing works without a keenly curated customer base.

We never skimp on the student experience.

Self-care is required for excellence.

Every relationship must be a win-win.

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