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About The Author Incubator

There is no better way to establish yourself as the authority in your area of expertise than with a book.

Since The Author Incubator first opened its doors, we have helped hundreds of authors write, publish and promote their books – which have in turn helped our authors change lives, skyrocket their business’s visibility and boost their revenue. Our books are designed to generate at least $250,000 in client revenue and many authors see returns much higher than that.

We believe magic is real. The Author Incubator’s mission is to amplify the voices of healers and magic-makers by helping them write, publish & promote their non-fiction books. This brings about permanent, lasting, meaningful change in the world.

About Our Founder

Dr. Angela Lauria


Founded in 2013 by freelance ghostwriter and editor, Dr. Angela Lauria, The Author Incubator was first created to be a home for bold, influential—even radical—ideas in publishing. Angela had planned a career in activism and social change after completing her PhD in the European Graduate School where her dissertation “From Medea to Media: Live Performance as a Vehicle for Social Change” was published by ATRPOS PRESS as part of the Think Media Philosophy Series. Little did Angela realize that it was this experience of getting her own book published that would forever alter her trajectory.

To pay her way through graduate school, she helped companies and individuals write and publish their books. However, when Angela realized the publishing industry was ripe for subversion and disruption, she decided that she was being called to do something about it. It was then that she had the vision to create The Author Incubator: To empower agents of change and transformation; coaches, healers, lightworkers to write their book, to create a difference, and ultimately, to create massive social change in the process.

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