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Candice Ragland – Book Journeys Author Interview – May 19 2016

On Book Journeys Radio this week, Angela’s guest, Candice Ragland, talks about being a fatherless daughter and the book, Invisible Dad, that grew out of the hurt that she felt while growing up. Her book is about her personal journey living without a father, feeling the hurt, overcoming it, and moving on to healing. Candice believes that she was led by the Lord to write the book to help other fatherless daughters out there who may lead towards healing.

Candice Ragland -Invisible Dad - SMALLCandice says that although she was writing for fatherless daughters, her book can also be of help to people who grew up missing a parent or know how it is to be a child without experiencing the love and care of a parent. She believes her book is a great tool because so any different people have already read it, with some giving feedback on how they saw their own story within the pages. “I had definitely developed my purpose of helping these fatherless daughters really conquer the world,” she said.

Helping others like her did not manifest as a purpose early on in her life. As she emphasized, she was led to it and the work has opened up so many things for her. Now, writing books is something of a passion as she is now looking forward to writing new books beyond Invisible Dad. This first book really came as a surprise to her and reading it elicits a wow response from her like it’s someone else’s book she was reading. “This is awesome!” she would say.

Angela’s 3 Days to Done program helped Cassie in the writing of Invisible Dad. She said that it had allowed her to focus on the task even though she would get writer’s block. Her solution to the hurdles would be to do things like listen to music or have a change of scenery. She believes the cause to being too overly analytical of the content to write while being conscious of a standard. She did not have an inkling as to how her book would turn out and all she knew was that she had to get it done and that’s exactly what she did in the 3 Days to Done program of Difference Press. “I think the overall process was awesome,” she said.

Invisible Dad - Candice Ragland - SMALLWhat really excites Candice in writing Invisible Dad is the service aspect of it, being able to lend support to others like her as if they’re all in a track race where she’d cross the finish line first and then look back and see someone who’s stumbled. She said she’d go back to help that person to also cross the finish line. That’s how she sees the work she’s put in her book and it shows in her enthusiasm.

Listen to the Candice Ragland IntervCandice Ragland – Book Journeys Author Interview – May 19 2016

Read the Transcript: Candice Ragland – Book Journeys Author Interview – May 19, 2016

DOWNLOAD the PDF: Candice Ragland – Book Journeys Author Interview – May 19 2016

Watch out for Angela’s interview with another exciting author.

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