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Alison Donaghey – Book Journeys Author Interview – Jan. 5, 2017

On this episode of Book Journeys, Vice President for The Author Incubator, Jenn McRobbie, interviews Alison Donaghey, author of Change Your Business, Change the World: The Domino Effect of Your Thinking.

As Alison remarked to Jenn during the interview, she has always thought several steps ahead, noting that she occasionally, as a child, drove her teachers “nuts” because of that. It was a way of thinking that, throughout her life, made her think that she was “a bit of a freak,” but one which is the basis of her present book, which is essentially aimed at enabling people to think out of the box and to see things from a perspective other than that which they already have.

For Alison, writing out the book proper took four weeks, although she did spend two weeks prior to that doing such preparatory work as crafting her ideal reader, and after the writing she also had to work on cover photos and the like. Alison admitted that she has had difficulty starting a project which she feels wouldn’t work out properly, something which would take time away from her making money, and remarked that the team she worked with, at the Author incubator, enabled her to focus on writing.

Alison remarked that she “cranked out” her book, saying that, while the task felt daunting, creating the outline enabled her to figure out what should be in it and what should be left out, remarking that the outline enabled her to focus on the task at hand, much like doing dishes. Where the book’s chapters are concerned, at the end of each of these, Alison included an exercise in domino thinking, to give her readers some ideas to “shock” their brains, as she noted that it is when the brain gets shocked that new ideas can come right on in.

Alison has owned a painting business for eighteen years, and she has used the way she thinks as a way to enable her business to operate and grow. An example of the way she thinks is if someone was tailgating her, and she had the option of believing that person was a jerk and having that thought possibly cause an accident or carry that thought throughout her day, which would have a negative impact on the day, or thinking that that person was  a dutiful son who was hurrying to be with an ill mother, and who was thus in a reason to be in a hurry.

Alison has discovered that writing her book has given her success outside the immediate area where her business operates, remarking that, in her “backyard,” as she calls that area, she is seen as a painter, and people find it difficult to believe that a painter would be able to write a book on critical thinking, her being a successful business owner for eighteen years notwithstanding. She has found a greater degree of easy acceptance elsewhere, where her being a business owner is taken matter-of-factly.

(Note: As of the date of the interview, the title of Change Your Business, Change the World is being changed to Think Opposite: Using the Domino Effect to Change Your Business, Change the World.)


Listen to the Alison Donaghey Interview on Book Journeys Radio

(Transcript) Alison Donaghey – Book Journeys Author Interview – January 5, 2017

DOWNLOAD the PDF: Book Journeys Author Interview – Alison Donaghey – Jan. 5, 2017

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