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Aimee Elizabeth – Book Journeys Author Interview

It’s time for another Book Journeys Weekly Recap and this time, it’s all about Aimee Elizabeth, an author who’s had an amazing journey and the equally amazing  tale to tell about how she was able to lift herself out of poverty, from being a disadvantaged teenager, to become a millionnaire. In her book Poverty Sucks: How to Become a Self-Made Millionaire, she tells it all and reveals how other people can do the same thing regardless of what their situation is. It could be a big reason why the book quickly became a bestseller on Amazon.

Aimee Elizabeth - Poverty Sucks - How to Become a Self-Made MillionaireAt the start of the interview, Elizabeth told Angela how it all started; how she was inevitably forced to fend for herself through school, from taking on odd jobs which she didn’t really like, to moving onwards to her eventual successes, founding several profitable businesses (which gave her the financial gains and independence she needed) to ultimately take her out of poverty. Anyone who wants to know more about the early life of Elizabeth can go to her website, and read the first chapter of the book wherein she recounts her tough life as teenager.

The idea for Poverty Sucks came to Elizabeth when she realized that she could do something worthwhile that can help others be empowered in the same way she was in her early years. In her own words she said, “I wanted to help everybody else (with this horrible economy) see how they can create their own financial freedom.” The interview ultimately revealed that an underlying secret to Elizabeth’s success was her penchant for saving that led to enough money to fund future endeavors. One of them, of course is her book, Poverty Sucks.

For Elizabeth, her drive to write the book was not really borne out of the thought of getting more money. To her, it was more the thought of being able to eradicate poverty in the world. It’s a vision that Angela pointed out as a great one. Elizabeth, however, said that listeners shouldn’t get her wrong. She doesn’t mind the extra money, but her motivation’s foundation is more the satisfaction that comes from helping people. With Poverty Sucks, she’s able to accomplish that.

Poverty Sucks - How to Become a Self-Made Millionaire - Aimee ElizabethElizabeth revealed that much of the difficulty in publishing her book came from her not-so-ideal deal with an agent. But everything turned out well after she finally decided to follow her guts on how she wanted her book to be rather than taking ill-advice from someone who didn’t know any better, when it came to sales. She advises would-be authors to have their contracts reviewed by a lawyer to make sure they’re not taken advantage of. For those having trouble in the writing process itself, she says, to make an outline first because that would make things much simpler. Also, if one starts with the end of the book in mind then work backwards to where it should start. writers will see a clearer picture of what they’re working on.

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Watch out for Angela’s interview with another exciting author.

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