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14 Books – 14 #1 Bestsellers!

14 Books – 14 #1 Bestsellers!


This week my team and I had the privilege of publishing the books of 14 authors in what was our biggest launch yet. All reached #1 Bestseller Status, and several have reached International #1 Bestseller Status. That brings our track record to 99 bestsellers, in a row, since January 2014-90% from first-time authors.

I’m humbled by these results and the caliber of the books that our authors have written. It’s an honor to be a part of establishing so many great coaches, healers, leaders, and businesspeople by giving them a platform capable of multiplying their businesses or practices by 4-8x or more.

Two of the authors who published on Tuesday were on their second or third books with me, making them two- or three-time bestselling authors who are creating movements with their messages. They’ve seen fantastic results from their first books with me and now have their sights set on even higher levels.

I’ve included the links to download all their books free of charge below. By Saturday most of them will cease to be free, so if you are interested in any of them now is your chance to download free of charge.

I’m so happy for everyone who launched. But for me my job is not just to create bestsellers. It’s also about helping each one of our authors who has the goal of growing their business write a book correctly. Most books-even bestsellers-are written in a way that makes it hard or impossible for their ideal readers to find them, and they provide little-no avenue for follow-on information, products, or services that turn ideal readers into sweet-spot clients. For most authors, even those with a solid promotional plan, this is why they fall flat and all the time, money, and energy they invest is wasted.

Our team’s focus isn’t just to help you release your blocks and take you from idea to published book with all the tools and services you’ll need along the way. Our job is also to make sure you write the right book and structure it in a way that delivers you success. We make sure that your ideal readers will find your book, that it delivers them immediate value through your message, and then it creates the right pre-qualified leads for your businesses or practices. This is how to leverage a book so it grows your business exponentially with sweet-spot clients who identify with you.

Because of these results applications to work with us are through the roof. I HAVE to do something to respond to this increased demand. In 2016 I am going to change our program structure significantly-and the investment needed to work with me under my new format will increase. Therefore, this is the LAST time that I’m going to do the Your Delicious Book Program in this format before a significant increase in investment. We’re combing through about 90 applications for our remaining spots at the moment, and we’re going to selectively award these applications to the people we see as ready, willing, and able to do everything it takes to make a real difference in peoples’ lives.

So if you believe you have what it takes to become a #1 bestselling author, and you are committed to then leveraging your book to create real change and make a real difference in the world, NOW is the time to apply to us before it gets substantially more difficult and expensive to work with us. Put your VERY BEST work into the application below and then schedule your interview time with our acquisitions team where we’ll discuss your book idea and your goals.

Click here to apply

And here are the links to download each of the books:

Lisa Cavallaro No More Drama: How to Make Peace with Your Defiant Kid

Mark Silverman Only 10s: Using Distraction to Get the Right Things Done

Wendy Gauntner Lee & Me: What I Learned from Parenting a Child with Adverse Childhood Experiences

Caroline Greene Matter: How to Find Meaningful Work That’s Right for You and Your Family

Nancy Brooke The Nurse Practitioner’s Bag: Become a Healer, Make a Difference, and Create the Career of Your Dreams

Margaret Fletcher Farm Girl Leaves Home: An American Narrative of Inspiration and Transformation

Maggie Huffman Whoops! I Forgot to Achieve My Potential

Kathleen Ann Harper The Well-Crafted Mom: How to Make Time for Yourself and Your Creativity within the Midst of Motherhood

Karen C.L. Anderson The Peaceful Daughter’s Guide to Separating from A Difficult Mother: Freeing Yourself From The Guilt, Anger, Resentment and Bitterness

Kimberlie Chenoweth Reclaiming Wholeness: Letting Your Light Shine Even If You’re Scared to Be Seen

Dana L. Ayers Confessions of an Unlikely Runner: A Guide to Racing and Obstacle Courses for the Averagely Fit and Halfway Dedicated

Andrea Hanson The Inside Guide to MS: How to Survive a New Diagnosis When Your Whole Life Changes (And You Just Want to Go Home)

Cassie Parks Lifestyle Design for a Champagne Life: Find Out Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working, Learn the Secret to Lifestyle Design, and Create Your Champagne Life

Sharon Pope Am I in the Wrong Marriage?: Get the Clarity You Need to Make a Decision to Stay and Re-commit or Lovingly Leave Your Relationship and What to Do Next

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