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Shelly Young Modes – Book Journeys Author Interview

Shelly ModesAngela Lauria’s Book Journeys episode last week was graced by one of the Difference Press authors in the person of Shelly Young Modes. Shelly’s book, entitled Craving Love, is a culmination of her own spiritual journey which started when she was first getting divorced and she felt she was at a strange place in her life. She started seeking a lot of guidance and asked a lot of questions that her curiosity got so peaked about what love really was – what it means to be loved and be a loving person, and how to still that craving for love. After her Mom passed away, she felt that she had a story that needed to be told and that what she’d gone through could help other people. Shelly admits she had no idea where to begin in her book journey, so she started reaching out to people who could help her, like her friend who had just published a book about her journey with breast cancer, another friend who was into publishing, and still another person who was a promoter. Then she also discovered Angela’s program that showed her the different ways on how it could be done.

With the help of Angela’s book, The Difference Process, Shelly was able to get a clear vision of what was to be written, who it was to be written to, what question or problem it was going to answer or solve. At first she wrote in small chunks of time because she was just at home and had to attend to her children. Then she took five days off and went away by herself to focus on her writing. She laid out the whole writing process, collecting all ideas she had for her book, planning her schedule and setting up the place, with a mind to finish the book before she left the place. She said that one of the best things she did was to have a plan on how to take care of herself, like having a spiritual practice she did in the morning, then making sure to feed herself, and then on the breaks she would do Pilates and take a bar class, or have a massage.  All these helped her so that when it was time to write, she was amazed at how much she was able to come out with.

Craving LoveCraving Love
Craving LoveOne of the most fulfilling things that has happened to Shelly as an author was getting feedback on how her book has helped other people even in the most unexpected places. But a big thing that came out from the book was the deep, personal and spiritual transformation that happened to her. She was drawn to people and experiences that made her see her life unfolding in a deeper, more beautiful way. She has found her life as an author as juicy, luscious, and really fun.  For Shelly it’s a matter of choice that one decides to make book writing a fun experience. She also advises future authors to speak to the person who knows how to get it done. As she put it, “You don’t have to figure everything out yourself.  You go to someone who’s the best at it.”


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Watch out for Angela’s interview with another exciting author.


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