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Abby Kohut – Book Journeys Author Interview

The title of the book in this Book Journeys Weekly Recap is Absolutely Abby’s 101 Job Search Secrets. The name in the title points to none other than Abby Kohut, a touring human resources recruiter, who, for years had lamented how she was unable to tell job seekers what they should really be doing and saying in order to make a good impression and increase their chances of getting hired. What she did was set out on a mission to educate a million jobseekers all over the United States. She was in Texas at the time of the interview, spreading the word about her book and speaking to various groups who’d benefit the most from her years of experience in job recruitment.

Abby Kohut - Absolutely Abby's 101 Job Search SecretsAngela said that Abby’s book was a necessity in distressed economic times. It’s when Abby’s tips on what to do (or what not to do) during a job interview was most helpful. Abby was happy to oblige with a few examples that involved cell phones in general and can be summed in one statement: Do not use your cell phone during a job interview. Another basic rule: Ask permission politely when needed. Abby said that too many of these little things can add up to a lot of strikes and then you’re out. However, one strike of this next rule will get you crossed out instantly: Do not act desperate. Abby also said that for basic questions like, “Why do you want this job?” the answer should be straightforward.

Angela shared that the answer that she often gets when she asks job seekers why they wanted the job they were applying for is: Because I needed the money. Abby said that it’s obviously the wrong answer, but it was not something that she often encountered. Going over the entire employment history is what she often got from applicants when she asks that question and she said it’s a big mistake.

Angela was impressed by how fast Abby wrote her book. She said she got writing insights from a couple of famous authors that helped. One tip that stuck with her was how easy it would be to write a book by putting a number in the title. In her case, it was 101. All she had to do was give a hundred and one examples, so, content-wise, she was okay. But she admitted experiencing problems in editing and proofing. She recommended that writers get a good editor from the start to avoid releasing a book with typos in them.

Absolutely Abby's 101 Job Search Secrets - Abby KohutIn spite of being not perfect, Abby’s book still turned out to be a very useful reference that gave her a newfound credibility as a speaker. Having the book gave her a bigger image even when she was essentially the same person. With her websites and social media accounts, Abby had a formidable marketing combo that allowed potential clients to find and reach out to her. Angela suggested that other authors follow Abby’s example even before any speaking engagements come in or even before the book is done. Abby’s advice to other writes wanting to get their book done is to just start writing.

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