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Root Canal Sale

Do you know how much a Root Canal costs these days? Holy cannoli I did not! And I didn’t expect a simple root canal to lead to 2 weeks of intense pain and obsessive use of prescribed narcotics.

teethFloss people. That’s what I’m here to tell you.

I’m also here to tell you that I am delighted to have 19 new members of the Coaches Book Circle. CBC is a mastermind group/gathering place, quasi-coven for life coaches and other healing-oriented professionals who know they need to write a book but aren’t exactly sure how to make it happen.

Maybe your issue is not having enough time to write, or maybe you aren’t sure what to say or how to say it. Whatever is holding you back, the Coaches Book Circle can help you reach your goal.


Well, first you need to know you can join anytime and leave anytime. There are no contracts.

There is also no homework – except the homework you set for yourself! And there is no guilt for missing classes or getting behind in a course.

I’ve set the Coaches Book Circle up to be like a gym for people writing a book. You can show up when you want, work the equipment that helps you the most, and get the support you need to reach your goals.

Here is some of the equipment at our gym:

Monthly Lectures by guest faculty. Some recent and upcoming topics include:

  • Mike Hrostoski on radical honesty with integrity in memoir writing
  • Ali Cudby on using your book as a platform for B2B consulting
  • Ann Alger on branding your book and your business
  • Eliza Greenwood on getting sponsors for your book tour
  • Patty Lennon on using your intuition to write your book
  • Sarah Yost on focusing when there are so many things you need to work on
  • Julie Bauke on creating formulas for success
  • Wendy Lyn Phillips on how having a makeover can help with your book launch
  • Amy Person on why approval-seeking can kill your book dreams
  • …and so many more amazing guest teachers and topics!

A group coaching call every month with me where you can ask your questions live or get one-on-one laser-coaching to your hardest road blocks.
Dozens of worksheets, recordings and guides in our private student center so you can access the resources you need when you need them.
A Facebook group where you have 24/7 access to ask me or your classmates anything you want, to find a supportive community of readers, and to publicly set your intentions and be held accountable to meeting them.
– Oh, plus if you want one-on-one time with me you get it for 50% off my regular rate when you are a member in good standing.

There’s no pressure in the Coaches Book Circle – only support, accountability and inspiration.

But here’s the thing — I wanted to tell you all this early in the week but I was… well I was hopped up on Oxycodone, numbed up on Novocain, or sitting in my dentist’s chair.

So since this took a while for me to share with you, I’m extending the deadline. You can join the other 19 new members of the Coaches Book Circle for the lower rate of $27/month until midnight on Monday September 23rd. That’s a few more days to make your decision – but here’s why you should do it if you are on the fence:

On Monday the price will go back up to $77/month. You aren’t just saving $50 when you join now – you are saving $50 a MONTH!  That’s a crazy good deal and it’s the first time I’ve ever done a sale like this for the Coaches Book Circle. Once you are in, as long as you stay a member in good standing you get to keep that rate.

Thinking of coaching with me? Instead of paying $250/hr, you’ll pay just $125. Even with your $27/month Coaches Book Circle dues, that’s still close to $100 off for a single session.

Of course if you aren’t happy you get your money back – duh?

Oh! And there is something else!!! And this is big! We are about to announce a super secret partnership with a well-known crowd funding platform that helps authors fund their self-publishing, book tours, book trailers and other book related needs. Everyone in the Coaches Book Circle is going to get a free campaign set up with this company. They will help you create your crowd funding campaign from the ground up for free! I can’t give you more details than that but it’s a huge value and it’s yours at no cost as a member of CBC – so if Crowd Funding is on your list, that’s just one more reason to join before the discounted rate goes up.

Please pass this along to anyone who wants to write a book.

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