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Something I want to share with you…

I’ve been delighted this week by reading the first of five installments from our twenty authors-in-transformation who are participating in the 13 Weeks to Published program—but there’s been something sad about it, too.

The first submissions almost invariably come accompanied by a note from the author about how they’re “sure it’s pretty bad,” or “don’t feel this is good enough to submit, yet.” What makes this even more remarkable is that almost all my clients are coaches, people who are trained to help work through issues surrounding fear and doubt, but writing—exposing yourself—seems to bring up “our stuff,” no matter how many coping tools we have cultivated.

And that, I’m pretty sure, is why people who want to write books so often don’t finish them. If coaches are facing these problems when they sit down to write, imagine what it must be like for people without the tools and training.

I’m confident all of our 13 Weeks to Published authors will finish this time for a a couple of reasons. The first is that they sign a contract and are held accountable, not just to theDifference Press team, but to the cohort of authors who sign on with them. The second is that whenever they hit even the smallest bump, they have a writing expert and a coach they can come to for help.

The writing expert is our Editor-in-Chief, Kris Kane, and this week he sent a message out to our authors-in-transformation that might be a message some of you need to hear, so I wanted to share it here. If it resonates with you, drop me a note and let me know.

At this stage, almost everyone has this nagging feeling of “not being good enough” or not having the right feel for the material. Everyone–even a couple of our participants who have written books before and/or participated in our pilot program. It’s a normal part of the process.

I think what a lot of people feel this early in the program is akin to stage fright. Some of the best advice I’ve read on overcoming stage fright applies equally well to writing: concentrate on what you’re there to do, pretend you’re chatting with a group of friends, treat it like it’s something you’re just doing for fun.

You are good enough. Your message is good enough, your writing is good enough, and the things you have to say matter and will make a difference. All you have to do is get them down on paper.

Remind yourself of this whenever you can. Work with a team that supports you, because this is hard for anyone. And know that the trepidation you feel? Well, that’s all part of the process.

P.S. Know someone who wants to write a book but isn’t sure what the whole process entails? Get a copy of my Birthing your Book class and eGuide—free at If you share that link on Facebook, I’d really appreciate it. I want to help as many people as possible to overcome their fears and to get their message into the world.

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