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I wanted to let you know about an event I am attending so you can get a free pass. It’s called the Book Marketing Challenge. If you have a book or are thinking about writing one I think this would be helpful to you based on the research I have done around the event.

First I want to tell you a story…

Michelle came to me after working on her book for 3 or 30 years, depending on how you count. By working on her book I mean writing, and outlining and thinking about content.

She had an important message and she really wanted to share it with the world.

I kinda made her mad when I asked: “So… who is the “world” and how are they going to find it.”

You see, most authors – well many authors (not the ones who work with me!) are victims of the “Build it and they will come,” mentality. They don’t know who “THEY” is and they don’t know how they will hear of the book, but somehow – “THEY” will catch wind of a brilliant idea and buy your book.

I am SOOOO sorry that is not how it works.

In graduate school, I studied the Diffusion of Innovation – that is “how ideas catch on” and very rarely is the quality of the idea the reason it catches on. (See Betamax alumni for details.)

Your book can’t make a difference if no one knows about it. That’s why the DIFFERENCE process for writing a book that matters includes more than writing and publishing. If you want to write a book that gets published, there are only 2 steps to the process, but if you want to write a book that makes a difference, I’ve carved out 10 steps…. You know 2 of them… they were the 2 steps my client Michelle had spent 30 years kicking around.

I gave Michelle homework she didn’t like. I told her about step 3 in my process “Frame Your Outcome” and I told her to create 3 stories written in first person 18 months after her book has been released. These stories should include information about who is reading her book, how they found it, and what has she, as the author, been doing since the book was released.

This is a HARD assignment – but you should do it too – BEFORE you write your book.

One thing that will help with this homework assignment is participating in this month-long program of book marketing advice called The Book Marketing Challenge. Experts who I’ve learned from including D’vorah Lansky, Brian Judd, Stephanie Chandler and Kristen Eckstein are teaching free classes on developing your author platform
 and gaining exposure for your book. If you attend a few of these sessions it will start to give you some ideas about how you can complete the “FRAME YOUR OUTCOME” step from my DIFFERENCE process.

Click here to claim your FREE access pass.

I hope you have a chance to check it out.

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