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G. Brian Benson – Book Journeys Author Interview

G.-Brian-Benson-Author-of-Brians-List-and-Finding-Your-Voice-300x300The Book Journeys interview with author G. Brian Benson took Dr. Angela by surprise but all went well with the author exuding good vibes all throughout the interview even when he recalled the times when he didn’t know what to do with his life. All that changed when he came through with his book, Brian’s List, and the ride that he was taking took a turn in a way that also surprised him.

Benson recalled when he went out of the family business in Oregon and hopped from place to place never really staying long enough to connect with a lot of people. But he went on to become what he came to be – an award-winning author. Benson admitted he’s a firm believer in two sayings. The first is, “when one door closes, another one opens.” The other saying is about “living in the moment,” which he has followed for 5 years living his own adventures since he left the family business. All through this time he had his share of disappointments and expectations that got “knocked down,” as he termed it. But as fate would have it, he was destined to be an author which brought him recognition and credibility – none of which he had before. The awards given to his books gave him more credence and people and opportunities came to him, like in film-making and speaking engagements.

Brians-List-and-Finding-Your-Voice-Books-by-G.-Brian-Benson-300x240Benson was the kind of person who evolved from all the experiences that he had. He knew little about writing or publishing a book, but he had a style that was natural and instinctive, which carried him along. He never wrote when he felt like he was forcing it on himself. If it didn’t flow, it didn’t flow, and that was that. He would just come back another day, perhaps after meditating or exercising for a time. This anti-gung-ho-style of writing may seem painstaking and time-consuming from others’ point of view, but Benson was able to finish a book in just a month, and he didn’t even know how to approach it or what to do with it. He just had his little notes of quotes, poetry, ideas and thoughts which he put together into his books.

His advice to other aspiring writers is to write what they want to write with joy. He says everything else will follow if this is the case. He says it’s really not about the book itself, but more about what’s inside of it. he says that’s what counts and he’s the living example of how someone with little knowledge of publishing get self-published and be a recognized author requested for speaking engagements and other media appearances. These and other perks come with getting published, Benson says, and that even if “your” book doesn’t sell copies, the experience is still something to be cherished and to be proud of because you still end up with a book that gives you credibility.

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