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August Monthly Author Showcase

We are so excited to celebrate another group of transformational authors who have released brand new books and audiobooks into the world, just in the last month! If nothing else, this year has shown us all that the world needs healing and change—the time is NOW, and we’re so proud of our authors who are standing in their power to put transformation into practice.

This month our authors released 19 books and audiobooks, covering topics ranging from real estate to virtual learning. For more on their powerful messages, check out the interview below—then keep scrolling for free gifts and offers each author is making available for a limited time!

Watching the interviews you can really feel the raw energy that each of these authors have for their missions, their readers, and for each other. Here at The Author Incubator we strive to give these change-makers a community with the space to become their best and most empowered selves, and this group of authors shows how powerful community can be.

Becoming an author is about more than putting words on a page—it’s a series of individual acts of bravery that puts you closer and closer to readers whose problems you can solve.

The technical pieces (like your structure, formatting, audience, and book topic) tend to fall into place with the right kind of guidance—but the kind of support required to put yourself out there and create a truly transformational book is hard to come by! Most aspiring authors—even those who know exactly what they want to write and who they’re writing for—never find it, which might explain why over 98% of Americans who WANT to write a book, never do.

Writing a book is very rarely the solitary act it’s romanticized to be. Watching the interviews above, you’ll hear many of these authors describe how they benefitted from having the support of a huge team of coaches, editors, marketers, and project managers behind them—but we can never discount the impact of working alongside a group of like-minded change-makers.

If you’re set on isolating yourself in a cabin in a forest for an extended period of time, we wish you the best of luck! But if you’re interested in joining and contributing to a strong community of leaders who can help you write a truly transformational book in a few short months, these authors are living proof that there’s another option open to you.

While this month is officially sold out for our next group of authors, we always save three spots for applicants who have attended the monthly broadcast. If you’ve gotten to this point, we know you have the level of motivation we’re looking for in new authors, so if you apply using the link on this page we’ll bump you to the front of the application cue.

If you’re ready to get your thoughts out of your head and onto the page—with the help of a dedicated team of professionals and a network of healers and entrepreneurs to support you on your journey—we’d love to hear about how YOU want to change the world in the way that only you can.

Just go to




And now, please enjoy some messages and gifts from the authors featured this month:

Avis R. Doctor
The Inspirational Business
I would love to learn more about your dreams of creating your inspirational business and connect with you. Please keep in touch and let’s celebrate one of your wins! Email me at [email protected] to get a link to some resources and answer three questions to see if it is time to start your inspirational business journey and make the difference you were born to make; let’s get started and see what’s stopping you.
Download my book here:

Carrie Jeroslow
Why Do They Always Break Up With Me?
Thank you so much for your interest in this book. I hope that it helps you in some way, either big or small. Please connect with me at [email protected] with questions or comments. For taking the time to reach out, I would love to send you a recording of a guided meditation to help you through one of the steps in this book.
Download my book here:

Cynthia King
The Virtual Teaching Survival Guide
Download Cynthia book here:

Adrienne Lindsey
Strength To Stand Above The Crowd
Thanks so much for downloading my book! If you have any questions or comments as you read through, please reach out to me at [email protected] – I’d love to work through your problems with you.
Download my book here:

Kate Motz
Revolutionary Weight Loss
If you have more work to do after reading this book, it is with gratitude that I offer you these gifts of my appreciation. Please visit for a free consultation to continue your ultimate health transformation. In addition, I’ve created several resources, typically only available to my coaching clients; however, I am making them available to you as you continue on your wellness journey. Download these bonus items at
Download my book here:

Katrina Roddy
Steal Your Skills From Corporate
Thank you for downloading, and congratulations on having the courage to explore the idea of becoming an independent contractor.
As a token of gratitude, I invite you to attend my thirty-minute class overview where I explain the book details and discuss the program design. If you are ready to leap into the eight-week program or just want to take advantage of the link to my thirty-minute class overview, reach out to me via LinkedInFacebook, or Instagram.
Download my book here:

Gail Waitkun
Heal Your TBI
Thank you for downloading my book, Heal Your TBI. I am looking forward to helping those who are seeking their answers —let’s connect!
Email me here: [email protected]
Check out my Facebook group!
Download my book here:

Monica Benitez
Homebuyer Rollercoaster
If you’re thinking of purchasing and you know you want to maximize your experience—that’s what led you to this book. Now you can achieve faster results with minimum obstacles and the support and guidance needed to have a positive homebuying experience with Homebuyer Rollercoaster and Coaching. Contact me at [email protected] and schedule an appointment to start your coaching and homebuying process and access to my calendar for scheduling.
Download my audiobook here:

Pamela Herzer
As a thank you for downloading my book, I’d like to offer you a complimentary, twenty-minute session to see if we’re a good fit. Hop onto my website and schedule time on my calendar. While you’re there, sign up for my free newsletter. I care about you. My intention is for you to heal and live an abundant life, giving gratitude to God for everything. Let’s do this!
Download my audiobook here:

Vikki Hibberd
Live Healthy with Hashimoto’s Disease
I would like to invite you to join my newsletter and as a bonus – receive an offer for a free recorded class. Just email me at [email protected] to join my newsletter and to receive the link to upload your free class. Please like me on my Facebook page at Marmora Ayurvedic Center to receive weekly updates of herbal formulas, recipes, and tips. If you are interested in working with me one-on-one for counseling or guidance, please contact me at the above email address.
Download my audiobook here:

Faizun Kamal
The Right Franchise For You
If you’re searching for an alternative career option that doesn’t involve the corporate world, and think that business ownership may be for you, let’s explore together! Email me at [email protected] to set up your confidential complimentary consult. Let’s talk!
Download my audiobook here:

Amanda Lera
If I’m So Zen, Why Is My Hair Falling Out?
As an expression of my deepest respect and gratitude I would like to offer you the following gifts. Email me at [email protected] with the subject line “I want more,” and you will receive:

  • A beautiful colored chart for How to Unblock Your Chakras
  • Access to my three-part yoga and mindfulness series with some quick and gentle flows for individuals of all levels, followed by a soothing guided mediation and breathing exercise
  • My introduction to tapping, which will help you take your practice deeper

And don’t forget to include your name and availability to schedule your free thirty-minute one-to-one consultation.
Download my audiobook here:

Kat Mulvaney
A Good Day At School
Download the E-book of “A Good Day at School” for free at
Download the audiobook here:

Jackquline Ann Roberts
In The Eye of a Relationship Storm
I would like to personally thank you for downloading my book. As a thank you, I would like to offer you two free gifts.

  1. A free create-your-life workshop video. Go to my website to download it free. Don’t delay, get your copy today!
  2. A Free Discovery Session via phone – Visit my website or contact me to schedule this FREE session to find out if my programs are for you. Don’t delay, book your session today!

Download my audiobook here:

Valentina Savalyeva
Get Clear on Your Career
Are you ready to take a step towards your DREAM Career? Are you waiting for your boss to give you a promotion or more leadership opportunities? Are you secretly spending breaks and evenings browsing for job opportunities on Linked-in? Are you working 12+ hour days in hopes to be finally recognized and rewarded?
Click HERE for a FREE video course to identify the  key blocks to making more money and set yourself up for higher income.
Download my audiobook here:

Lilia Sixtos
Oh My Gosh, My Child Wants To Be An Actor
Thank you for downloading this book. If you read it and would like to continue working with me personally, I offer workshops and private coaching.
You can email me at [email protected], and I’ll send you a recording of the guided meditation I outline in Chapter 11 – My Secret Personal Place – as a gift for you.
Download my audiobook here:

Jennifer Seeno Tucker
Become A Rock Star Real Estate Agent
I am absolutely committed to seeing you succeed and achieve your dreams in a real estate career.
Let’s get connected on Instagram #JenniferSeenoTuckerRE and then sign up here for a complimentary session with me to jump-start your plan of action and transform your career in real estate to one filled with moneymaking activities and plenty of closings.
Download my audiobook here:

Shelia Craig Whiteman
To Pee or Not To Pee?
I hope that my book, To Pee or Not to Pee? The Guide to Reducing and Eliminating Urinary Incontinence gives you a better understanding of how very common bladder leakage is and how it can be helped with the right program.
For a free copy of my book visit If you have questions I would love for you to schedule a free complimentary call with me at
Download my audiobook here:

Belinda Zylberman
What Happened to my Happily Ever After?
Please email me at [email protected] for a free copy of my book.
Download my audiobook here:


Thanks so much for joining us in celebrating these authors’ achievements! Check out their books and offerings, share them with the people in your life who might need them now more than ever, and we’ll see you next month for another Monthly Author Showcase. 🙂

Love, Light, and Blessings from all the Muses,
The Author Incubator

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