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New Books By Incubated Authors

All 10 of our August books hit #1! More importantly, every single author has inspired transformation with their books. If you are ready to inspire transformation with a book, check out these authors and their accomplishments!



Congrats to everyone who took the plunge, believed in themselves, and put in the effort to be the person who got this book done!

We’ll be pitching these authors to some of the top publishers in New York and see if we can get enough sales of these ebooks to get them in stores. We’ve been batting 1,000 for over a year now! I’m feeling great about this batch too.





Here’s the message I shared with them on the morning of their launch:

All Together, Life is Beautiful

If you’re not inspired by life, you’re not paying attention
Our world is beautiful beyond all comprehension
But we rarely look around we’re so used to looking down
It can feel heavy when we even lift our heads up off the ground
We get lost inside of crowds
We forget that we belong
That our voices come together in this human song
It’s more than merely right or wrong, it’s learning how to get along
But it gets darkest right before the dawn

We are the rays emanating from the sun
Because faith is always blind
And the stories that we share become the mirror of our times
Our journeys intertwine, so the reflection is divine
I can see myself inside your eyes
We recognize the truth behind the disguise
Our struggles are the same
We have celebrate the joy and celebrate the pain
We have to elevate the energy and rise to the task
Because change comes slow, but it happens fast
And since this moment doesn’t last our future is the past
But the answer has to first be asked

We call upon the dreamers, and the poets, and the prophets, and the seekers, let your music reach out from the speakers, let it echo from the bleachers, from the artists to the teachers, from the painters to the preachers,
There is no one that will lead us, we the people are the leaders
And we don’t wanna wait on someone else to change the world
Or pawn it off on the next generation of boys and girls
There is no one that is coming
Because everyone is here
We can be found in the crowd from the sound of a cheer

So when it brings us all together
What will you have to say?
When it brings us all together
And the music starts to play
When it brings us all together
How will you own today?

Because life is beautiful
And it’s up to us to keep it that way


If you’re ready to inspire transformation with your book, go to and tell me your book idea.

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