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Erika Flint – Book Journeys Author Interview – Nov. 3, 2016

On this episode of Book Journeys, Vice President for The Author Incubator, Jenn McRobbie, interviews Erika Flint, author of Reprogram Your Weight: Stop Thinking about Food All the Time, Regain Control of Your Eating, and Lose the Weight Once and for All.



Prior to becoming the coach and an accredited hypnotherapist she is today, Erika was a software engineer, which meant that she was trained to recognize patterns. This aspect of her training enabled her to realize that there were patterns amongst her clients who were seeking her assistance in dealing with their weight problems, and this led to Erika’s researching into the psychological and neurological aspects of weight and obesity.



erika-flint-book-imageErika notes that past habits, such as being told to clean up one’s plate while one was a child, even if one was already full, play a part in weight gain. She remarks that emotional eating is the reason why people gain a lot of weight, noting that craving is a natural part of the body’s processes, as this is a sign that one’s blood sugar is low and that one should eat something to bring that blood sugar up. Erika also notes that our brains drive us to helping us feel better, and that food is is plentiful and easily available, and that the brain doesn’t care if what makes us feel better is food or something else, so long as we do feel better.

Erika notes that hypnosis isn’t what it’s made out to appear in popular media and culture, and that hypnosis is a natural part of daily life, which we can experience if we are totally focused on completing a single task, for example. Erika remarks that she uses hypnosis to make her clients aware of habitual things they do that contribute to weight gain,  as well as to help her clients counter any unconscious, internal messages that they no longer need, but which lead to concerns with weight. She also states that she doesn’t put any suggestion in any of her clients’ minds unless they spoke about it beforehand.

Erika realized that she could only see so many people in her coaching practice, and this was the reason why she wrote Reprogram Your Weight, choosing that particular topic because it was with this focus that she had achieved the biggest difference among her clients. Erika admits that, even with this topic alone, she had so much information that she could have easily gone off-tangent, and this is why she credits working with an editor, who kept her on topic, as an important factor in her completing Reprogram Your Weight. Keeping track of her audience also helped, as she realized that someone who reads her book is likely to be desperate to lose weight and couldn’t care less about the latest findings in neuroscience that relate to weight. The book has also helped, in that some of those who have read her book seek her out to become her clients, which has helped her business grow.


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(Transcript) Erika Flint – Book Journeys Author Interview – November 3, 2016

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