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Our 174th Bestseller In A Row Is Our First 10,000 Download Book Launch!


MistyLown-FB-circular-FINAL-option2I couldn’t be more proud today to let you know that our 174th bestselling book in a row is also our first 10,000 download book launch!

Misty Lown, author of One Small Yes, surpassed 10,000 downloads within her first five days of launch. In the last few months several others have come really close – but we just knew Misty would make it with her beautiful message that will empower people everywhere.

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(To be clear – our books pass 10,000 downloads – but Misty’s is the first to do it in just 5 days!)

I committed to myself that I would make a $1,000 donation to a charity of the author’s choice for our 10,000 download milestone in their book launch.

Misty’s charity of choice is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization lead by her husband Mitch (who was one of her biggest cheerleaders during the 3 months she spent writing her book with us).

One Small Yes: Small Decisions that Lead to Big Results

By Misty Lown

It’s the small decisions that lead to big results. You were born to live a life of significance. But busyness and fear of failure can overwhelm and get in the way. One Small Yes was written for people who want to make an impact but are not sure where to start.

I’m thrilled that my donation goes to Global Groundwork Foundation-which teaches vocational skills through workshops and hands on community projects in Haiti.

Global Groundwork Foundation is dedicated to making a positive difference by providing vocational training opportunities in Haiti. They supply students with the necessary tools and training to find work or start small business in their trades and provide students with hope, opportunity and the capacity to create the change they desire in their lives and community.

What is so cool about Global Groundwork Foundation is that it’s a “reverse mission.”

Traditional Missions go to other countries with American ideas and answers (often doing as much or more harm than good). Reverse missions goes to learn what the people want to do for their own communities and then gives them the tools to do it. Misty’s husband quit his job as a school teacher two years ago to pursue leading the non-profit full time. How cool is that!

Global Groundwork Foundation graduates are finding work, starting small businesses and taking care of their families and community. They provide resources and training – not handouts – thereby reducing the dependency cycle.

In many ways they are training their participants to make one small yes that leads to a whole new future of possibilities so it’s perfectly in line with Misty’s mission.

Congratulations Misty – I couldn’t be more proud of you and your book launch!

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