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Dr. Maritta Philp – Book Journeys Author Interview

On this episode of Book Journeys, Pleasance Silicki interviews Dr. Maritta Philp, author of Medicine Woman: The Hard-Working Doctor’s Guide to Creating a Life of Freedom and Choice.

As a doctor, Maritta knew firsthand the stress and pressure attendant to handling several patients and the resultant heavy workload that entailed. Although doing so was difficult for her to do, she resigned her practice and looked around for something else to do. She had already begun to write a book, but as she knew nothing about how to publish it, she admitted that it was highly unlikely that she would have been able to publish it on her own once she had finished it. She had been a year into writing her book when she saw an advertisement on Facebook for one of Angela’s sessions, and from there she signed up to join the Author Incubator program.

Maritta noted that signing up for the program was a big step for her, and she found that having a coach really helped with getting her book out. Maritta also mentioned that what helped her out was that a step-by-step program was in place, so all she had to do was follow the steps and not have to worry about what would come later – particularly the publishing aspect, which she admitted would likely have overwhelmed her, had she been writing on her own. Writing with a cohort of other, like-minded, service-oriented authors in the program, each of whom was writing on a subject different from hers, also helped and inspired her, as everyone there was in the same situation she was in, experienced the same things, both good and bad, that Maritta did, and supported her whenever she needed it. The process also changed Maritta’s focus, as she had originally wanted to work with other doctors, and during the process she changed her focus to working with other patients.

Writer’s block was something which Maritta admitted she experienced, and for her it showed up in her desire to not want to start writing until her desk was clean and in order. The usual questions that plague all authors and make them anxious about writing – questions such as, “Who am I to write this?” – likewise hit her, along with the realization that her book will be out in the world for total strangers to read. That said, Maritta acknowledged that writer’s block was part of the writing process, and she dealt with it by stepping away from writing and doing something “nourishing” for herself. The outline she created for her book during the process enabled her to “assemble” her book, and keeping her ideal reader in mind enabled her to keep focused on what to say and how to say it.

Maritta admitted that writing the book was a catharsis for her, and also mentioned that the book helped give her credibility and authority, which helped her with her present practice, which is in holistic medicine. Maritta is presently working with patients with Type II diabetes and uses such techniques as Rapid Transformational Therapy. She can be reached through and, as well as through e-mail at [email protected].


Listen to the Dr. Maritta Philp Interview on Book Journeys Radio

Interview Transcript: Dr. Maritta Philp – Book Journeys Author Interview

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