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Bruce Farrell Rosen – Book Journeys Author Interview

In this post, we review Dr. Angela Lauria’s Book Journeys interview with author Bruce Farrell Rosen, author of If You Ever Need Me, I Won’t Be Far Away.

bruce farrell rosen ImageBruce noted that, while the book covered his life from early 2007 until late 2008, it took him around three and a half years to write it. The book was triggered by changes in his life, such as the financial crisis of that time which, as a financial investment officer, Bruce was affected by, and the divorce from his wife of twenty-five years. The book was originally titled The Journey to Tibet, which was changed sometime during the publishing process to its present title, which were the words Bruce’s mother told him a week before she passed away in 1999. The book is essentially a memoir, a series of essays which helped Bruce “weave together all the threads of my life,” as he put it.

Where writing the book was concerned, Bruce wrote in bursts of around two sessions a week, writing late in the evening and around three hours each time, although there were also weeks when he didn’t write anything, as he needed to “fill up” before he could write. Once he had written it out, he re-read it and edited it, after which he then began considering how to publish it. Serendipitously, his son had read the book, and when the latter commented on it to a female friend, she said that her father, Don Ellis, was a publisher who had published many peoples’ books. Bruce then got in touch with Don Ellis, who was then semi-retired, and Don, recognizing the potential of Bruce’s book, then set up a publishing company, which then published Bruce’s book within four to five months.

Bruce Farrell Rosen book coverWhere publishing was concerned, Angela noted that, with a traditional publishing house, the time before a book was published was anywhere from one to two years, and that the book would be in queue with others, with each department behind the book “jockeying for resources.”

Bruce noted that there were many Internet-based publishing companies that could print on demand and which were giving the larger publishing houses good competition. He also noted that a website is necessary for people to visit, see any posted reviews, and order the book.

Where marketing was concerned, Bruce hired a publicist, who sent out galleys – the preliminary version – of his book to invite reviews. Bruce estimates that “98%” of the reviews were positive, and noted that negative reviews shouldn’t affect an author’s desire to get his book published, as authors need to feel grounded, to believe in themselves and what they have done. Bruce also noted that he had done many interviews on radio and TV – such as the Today Show – to promote his book.


Listen to the Bruce Farrell Rosen Interview on Book Journeys Radio

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DOWNLOAD Book Journeys Author Interview – Bruce Farrell Rosen – Jan 17 2013

Watch out for Angela’s interview with another exciting author.


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