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Another 6 Books – Another 6 #1 Bestsellers, and 100 Bestsellers In A Row!




This week we launched another six first-time authors’ books. As I write all of them are sitting at #1 bestseller – and some got there less than 13 hours after launch.

This officially pushes us over the 100 bestsellers in a row milestone.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported every author, attended our webinars and training events, downloaded our authors’ books, referred aspiring authors to us, and the myriad other ways you’ve supported us on our journey. I’m humbled to say that, thanks to your support, our bestselling authors have touched hundreds of thousands of lives with their messages, and our latest six are going to touch thousands more.

Also thanks to your support my regular book programs are sold out months in advance. Thank you to every author, reader, and referrer who has helped us along the way.

As many of you know I’ve spent the summer deciding how to move forward with the new level of interest and demand for our programs. Now we’ve crossed our latest milestone I’m beginning to announce the new training I’ve created based on my last 100 bestselling authors, the questions and feedback we receive every day, and on the progress I’ve seen each author make following the launch of their book-especially the ones who have built multiple six-figure businesses and created followings of hundreds or thousands of people.

It’s going to be the best and most comprehensive training event I’ve ever done. More to come!

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