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Want my help selling your stuff?

I’m always amazed by the quality and variety of products and programs produced and released each week by the life coaches in my networking circles. With so many awesome programs to choose from, it’s easy to see how some of the best and most powerful get lost in the clutter.

One of my personal goals has been to help more people find these programs. That’s why I offer to promote your programs for free in my weekly circular. But now I want to do more! So I am creating a Co-op of Co-promoters. We’ll pick the best programs and put all our collective marketing power behind them. I’ll use my 20+ years as a marketing exec to help guide the strategy and together we’ll be able to grow everyone’s impact on the world.

If you are interested, have a listen to this audio recording where I describe the program.

Then sign yourself up here!

Promotion for the first program (our pilot program) will start soon. Take a sneak peek by visiting:

Looking forward to working with a team of super motivated coaches who want help promote their high quality programs. If you are great at content creation but not so great at marketing, this could be a good fit for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Let’s work together to spread the love!!!

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