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Make ‘Em Beg to Publish Your Book – Virtual Book Tour


Watch along as Dr. Angela goes on a virtual book for her newest book, Make ‘Em Beg To Publish Your Book: How To Reach A Larger Audience & Make A Full-Time Income In The Extremely Overcrowded World of Personal Development.

She’s lifted the lid on exactly how to come out of nowhere and create a full time income and client base as a coach, healer, or expert.

And don’t forget to download your free copy of the book here!


Cassie Parks

In this segment, Law of Attraction Expert Cassie Parks and Dr. Angela talk about how a book is one of the best Law Of Attraction tools there is.

Amy Latzen Birks

Bestselling author Amy Latzen Birks talks about how a book can help you grow a hustle free business.

Pleasance Lowengard Silicki

Best selling author, Pleasance Lowengard Silicki asks Dr. Angela about the definition of success and making a difference.

Steph Gold

Two-time bestselling author Steph Gold talk with Dr. Angela about “The Gift Of Writer’s Block” and how to stop pretending to be ready to work on yourself and actually be ready.

Tami Stackelhouse

Dr. Angela chats with Tami Stackelhouse, whose books took her from coach to founder of an international coach training institute!


Kevin Thompson

Dr. Angela talks to Kevin Thompson, a genius in the world of business partnerships and the founder of The Partnership Playbook.


Joann Filomena

Joan Filomena talks about Dr. Angela’s unique approach to writing a book that makes a difference.


Jackie Viramontez

Dr. Angela catches up with Jackie Viramontez, founder of The Upgraded Woman and Bestselling Author of I Can’t Believe I Dated Him about how to come out of nowhere and put yourself on the personal growth map with a book.


Ginny Gane

Listen in as Ginny and Dr. Angela go over how to figure out what you really want from becoming a published author and how to manifest the outcome of your book.

Gina Catalano

Gina chats with Dr. Angela about how she gets real in Make ‘Em Beg to Publish Your Book.

Danielle Miller

Danielle Miller talks with Dr. Angela about how you can publish a book that creates $250,000 in revenue per year.

Mara Linaberger

Mara asks Dr. Angela about what it was like to follow the same tried and true process she teaches her clients to write Make ‘Em Beg To Publish Your Book.

Kris Simpson

Dr. Angela talks to Kris about his journey to becoming a published author.

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