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This Might Sound Strange….

In six days another group of authors-in-transformation will be beginning their journey to being a published author by Christmas. I’m very excited for them because it’s great to publish a book right before the Christmas sales bump and, important for those in self-help categories, just before the New Year.

We’ve have a person who was accepted into our August group but due to unforeseen circumstances is now unable to join, opening up an opportunity for the right person to write with us beginning on August 11th.

This might sound strange to you, but a very significant amount of the people who apply to my programs say they saw signs or have dreams about writing or working with me. Years ago when people began telling me this I thought they were were just a little out there, but after several years of hearing it over and over again I know it’s real and that many people who do end up writing books with me are guided to me. So before we go back to the applicant pool I want to quickly check to see if anyone has been seeing signs or having dreams about becoming an author or finding a platform to help them make a difference in the lives of people that they need to make that we should also pay attention to.

If you’re seeing the signs, and you feel that you have a message that can really make a difference, and that NOW is the time for you to take action and to write the book that you were born to write, and you want to make 2016 the year you take yourself and the work you are doing in the world to the next level, tell us (today) about your idea and why NOW is the time for you to make a difference.

Click here to apply for our last opportunity to publish this year.

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