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Nicole T. Harcourt – Book Journeys Author Interview – June 9 2016

This week on Book Journeys Radio, Angela’s guest is Nicole T. Harcourt, author of the book, A Divergent Path: Reach Your Potential, Live With Soulful Purpose.

Nicole Voychack aka Nicole T. Harcourt - A Divergent Path - SMALLAt the start of the interview, Nicole reveals that her title says it all regarding what the book is all about. She says it summarizes the book really well with the word “divergent” reading prominently on the cover. She says she chose that word since the book offers a chance to move the readers from where they are to somewhere else better that they wish to be as well as help them reach that place. She says this can be accomplished by following the 7 principles outlined in the book, which she calls the Pilgrim’s Path, where people can discover their purpose and realize their potential along the way, much like people discover things about themselves in a pilgrimage.

Nicole hopes to inspire her readers to do exercises in her book which she also used in her coaching practice. She complements these with success stories that she hopes can bring about the change in people’s lives that can be realized through action. She emphasized that her book is not about contemplating on the principles, but acting on them so that the readers are diverted from the path they are stuck in which is usually characterized by unhappiness and dissatisfaction. It’s what she calls the well-traveled path that people need to step out of.

She explains the illustration on the book’s cover as representative of her ideal reader who should be reaching out for something brighter in life, as represented by the dazzling lights, in order for them to reach their potential and live with a soulful purpose. She says it would require a bit of work but advises people to stand true and stay on the path that’s illuminated by the light so that they can move forward as they intend or need to. “I am really answering what my ideal reader really wants and needs,” she says.

A Divergent Path - Nicole Voychack aka Nicole T. Harcourt - SMALLNicole admitted that writing the book was an easy process for her and attributed this to her background in Journalism and the support that she received from Angela Lauria’s The Author Incubator program which helped her realize that she can effectively take her business process online, worry less about the technical side of things, and to focus on getting her message out there. She also admitted to being guided by a higher spiritual power, hence the soulful aspect of the transition she wants her readers to experience. Her own divergent path after her own experience in writing the book is to move from one-on-one coaching to interactive group sessions that’s full of life.

Listen to the Nicole T. Harcourt Interview on Book Journeys Radio

Read the Transcript: Nicole T. Harcourt – Book Journeys Author Interview – June 9, 2016

DOWNLOAD the PDF: Nicole T. Harcourt – Book Journeys Author Interview – June 9 2016

Watch out for Angela’s interview with another exciting author.


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