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My Big Launch Day F Up – Part 3

December 2014

Our Newest Books.
Get ‘em While They’re Hot!

The last thing I wanted to share with you today is the list of all the books we released yesterday. If you get them all and send me a receipt for all 10 books, I’ll send you a copy of my Free Your Inner Author program, a 6 part video or audio training program with companion worksheets that will help you understand the 10 steps to writing a book that makes a difference and apply them to your book idea.

If you want this $497 program absolutely free – just download all 10 books (which will cost you less than $5 for all 10 books!), send me the receipt to [email protected], and I’ll get you a login and password to access the program.

Here are the links to all 10 books:

~ Rachel Alexandria ~
Woman Overboard! Six Ways Women Avoid Conflict And One Way To Live Drama-Free
$4.49 Free! Limited Time Offer!

~ Marna J. Currie ~
How to Heal Psoriasis From The Inside Out: An Energetic Perspective
$4.49 Free! Limited Time Offer!

~ Jenny Johnston ~
Tapping Into Past Lives: Heal Soul Traumas and Claim Your Spiritual Gifts with Quantum EFT
$3.99 Free! Limited Time Offer!

~ Angela E. Lauria ~
The Difference: 10 Steps To Writing A Book That Matters
$3.49 Free! Limited Time Offer!

~ Sasha Mobley ~
Agile! The Half-Assed Guide To Creating Anything You Want From Scratch. No Experts Required!
$2.99 Free! Limited Time Offer!

~ Shelly Young Modes ~
Craving Love: A Girlfriend’s Guide Out Of Divorce Hell Into Heaven And A New Life You Love
$3.99 Free! Limited Time Offer!

~ Cassie Parks ~
Dealing With Your Money $h!t: Money Management That Focuses On Investing In Your Happiness And Creating A Budget To Attract Abundance
$2.99 Free! Limited Time Offer!

~ Julia Roberts ~
Sex, Lies & Creativity: Improve Innovation Skills And Enhance Innovation Culture By Understanding Gender Diversity & Creative Thinking
$4.99 Free! Limited Time Offer!

~ Valerie LaPenta Steiger ~
Mafia|Kitten: Lessons For Strong Women On Finally Letting Go, Feeling Safe, And Being Loved

~ James Wilmot ~
The Boy Who Became Father Christmas: The Story Of Santa Claus
$0.99 Free! Limited Time Offer!

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