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You an Eagle or a Falcon?

There was this couple that was madly in love and they wanted to get married. But they didn’t want just any wedding. Their love was so great they wanted, like, the best marriage ceremony ever.

So they went to this legendary shaman and he said:

“Your love is great, but to prove it is truly a life long bond you must go on a mission.”

To the husband he said: “Go to the North and come back with a live Eagle.”

To the woman he said: “Go to the South and come back with a live Falcon.”

And so the couple separated.

For months they were apart, missing each other and fighting hard to catch their prey.

At last they each returned to the shaman, ready to be united forever.

The shaman asked the bride and groom to find a rope and return to him with it. Then he asked them to hold their birds and tie one leg from the falcon to one leg of the eagle. Excitedly they did exactly as the shaman asked.

The shaman held up the birds and threw them to the air to fly away, but tied together the birds couldn’t fly and came crashing to the ground.

“To be happy in your marriage you must first be happy on your own,” said the shaman. “Tied together you become an anchor sinking and crashing. With separation, you can be free to fly.”

And with that the shaman untied the birds, and married the couple, united in the promise always to let each other fly on their own.

Great story, right? But what does it have to do with you?

So many of my clients have important stories to tell but they stay quiet because a spouse, parent, friend or child ties them down. Are there people in your life who keep you from flying?

The first step to setting your inner author free is to acknowledge who is keeping you small and who is supporting your growth.
If this area is a challenge for you, you might be interested in my “If I’m So Smart, Why Can’t I Write My Book?” coaching package.

In this program, you’ll get 4 one-hour private sessions with me where we will explore what’s holding you back from making the commitment to write your book. My normal rate for this program is $250 a session, but it’s Gratitude Month and I’m saying thank you to my amazing readers, supporters and fans by offering half off this package. As long as you get your 4 sessions in by the end of the year, you’ll save $500!

Do you feel like something has been holding you back from being your best writing self? I’ve coached dozens of authors-in-transformation through set backs, procrastination, resistance and fear and I want to help you too.

Right now I only have time to take on 3 individual clients. These spots will go quickly. Last time I offered a program like this all the available spots were taken in the time it took me to fly from DC to Boston.

If you want one of these 3 spots, email Jessie at [email protected] and she’ll send you a coaching agreement and an invoice and we’ll get started right away!

Falcons and Eagles were born to fly – and so were you.

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