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Mike Hrostoski – Book Journeys Author Interview

In this post, we review Dr. Angela Lauria’s Book Journeys interview with Mike Hrostoski, author of August: A True Story of Love, Sex and Entrepreneurship.

Mike Hrostoski ImageMike is a life coach who has been specializing in the problems that men face regarding sex, money and motivation. For him, the idea for the book came as a “what if” exercise, in what was essentially “What if I wrote for an hour, every day, for a full month?” Mike did just that, writing down what happened to him throughout that day, including all the inner workings of how he ran his business, as well as some stories about his own life, and the book’s title is a reference to that he wrote it all out in August of 2013. The book’s writing is in keeping with his method of operations, as Mike admits he doesn’t like reading instructions before starting something, and that he likes launching his projects as quickly as possible, knowing, as an entrepreneur, that some of his projects so launched will fail, while others so launched will succeed.

Mike already had the completed book in hand when he approached Angela’s publishing house with it, and in that respect he was glad for Angela’s mentorship throughout the process. Mike remarks that, although editing improved the book and made it more readable, the finished product didn’t feel like his book anymore. Given that he included some rather personal stories in the book, Mike was somewhat nervous about getting it published, as he somewhat fearful that people wouldn’t like him because of such personal matter. For Mike, however, doing so eventually worked out for him as making such personal information public freed him from the negative emotions he felt about such.

Mike Hrostoski Book ImageMarketing his book was something Mike struggled with initially, as he had an image of marketers being no different from sleazy used car salesmen. As he undertook the necessary marketing to ensure the sales of his book, Mike saw that marketing was a service, and that, through marketing, he could sell his book and services, which he believes could impact the world in a positive way. Mike admits that he has essentially a lot of beliefs to discard, particularly beliefs around money which he got from parents, religion, teachers and peers, to improve the way he views marketing.

Mike admits that he doesn’t have time to see everyone who might be interested in connecting with him, and in that regard the book has helped out his business. He has given people who have e-mailed him copies of the book so they could get to know who he is, and has also given away copies of his book at seminars and teleseminars, adding that he can reach tens of thousands of people with his book, compared to the dozens or hundreds of people he would be able to reach through a radio interview.


Listen to the Mike Hrostoski Interview on Book Journeys Radio

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DOWNLOAD Book Journeys Author Interview – Mike Hrostoski – Apr 3 2014

Watch out for Angela’s interview with another exciting author.


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