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If you have ever thought about writing a book – or if you are in the middle of writing a book and you are stuck – you’ll want to sign up for my free class tomorrow on how to Free Your Inner Author.


On the call I’m going to cover:
1) Why so many coaches who want to write a book have trouble getting it done.
2) How to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes most coaches who want to write books make.
3) What you need to do to write a book that really matters and that changes people’s lives.

Even if you feel like you aren’t ready to write a book right now – maybe because of time constraints or because you haven’t done enough of your own healing yet – I still think you will get a lot of great ideas on the call that you can use for when you are ready to go.

Writing a book is one of the most amazing rites of passage – especially for people who want to make a difference in the world. 

If you have felt pain and wondered why you have had to face some of the things you have had to face, writing a book can be a tremendous healing journey. I think about author Lisa Gibson who I interviewed for my radio show, Book Journeys. It took Lisa nearly 2 decades to write a book about her brother’s murder aboard Pan Am Flight 103. After finishing the book she has gone on to become quite a decorated conflict coach who travels around the world and is seen on every major TV network training people on conflict resolution and making the world a more peaceful place. Without her pain and her journey as an author, she would not be able to make the difference she is making today. Lisa doesn’t have some special writing skills. She’s not famous or well connected. She just figured out how to use her pain to heal the world. That can happen for you too.

Sign up for the free class tomorrow on how to Free Your Inner Author and I’ll show you exactly how you can be like Lisa.

BTW – I’m sorry for not letting you know about this sooner! I’m going to send a recording of the class to everyone who signs up, but you have to be signed up tomorrow by Noon Eastern – so go ahead and do it now!

Here’s that link again –

P.S. Can I ask a favor? If you know anyone who talks about writing a book can you pass this link on to them?!

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