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Janeen Latini – Book Journeys Author Interview

Janeen LatiniAngela Lauria’s featured author in last week’s episode of Book Journeys was Janeen Latini, who wrote the book, Love to Lead. Lead to Love.: The Overworked Leader’s Guide to Career Growth & Personal Happiness. True to her profession as a certified leadership coach and management consultant, Janeen wrote the book primarily for people who view themselves as middle managers. It comes in two parts: the first part talks about common pitfalls and things that happen to leaders in their life, and the second part  is a synthesis of everything she’s learned as well as her own personal practices on ways to move through the leadership journey and how to develop one’s own potential.

Janeen had thought of writing a book ever since in college but she had no idea what to write about. The book came from her work as a consultant and coach, but it was only when she joined Angela’s 3 Days to Done program that she was actually able to give time and focus to the book. She went into the program with no clear idea of the book she was going to write, but it was the meditation exercise at the beginning of the program, through the time of quiet, stillness, and visualization, that brought her clarity. She admitted to experiencing writer’s block, which she said came in two different ways. One was when she got stuck thinking that someone else would have said a particular thought better and whether she should research about it and compare, or make a reference to somebody else’s work. But she got back to the zone when she realized that this was her work and she could just go back later and identify some sources that could be credited. Another kind of block would set in when she found herself feeling that there were other more important things to do that day. When this happened, she said she had to get quiet with herself and wait for the right moment.

Love to LeadLike other authors, Janeen also experienced the fear of being seen, knowing that as she puts out her book, the world will now have an opinion about her. For one, she was afraid of getting negative feedback on her book, which never happened. Majority of the feedback was very favorable and in fact, her book has opened the door for speaking opportunities that she hoped would happen. She has been invited to forums and panels, and has presented her work to industry groups, and this she attributes to her book helping her to be noticed as an expert in her field. Her book has also made her much more comfortable in her own skin and has allowed her leadership and working style to flourish and to bloom.

Her final word of advice to future authors is to “keep it real with your heart, keep it real with your spirit, because that’s what makes you uniquely you and that’s going to bring out the joy.”


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Watch out for Angela’s interview with another exciting author.

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