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it’s my party and…

It’s my birthday week and I feel like I’m supposed to say something profound about that – about how I’m so excited to be 40 – about how grateful I am for my amazing life – or about how many negative thoughts I turned around this week. But the truth is, I’m not feeling it. I’m not where I want to be in about 100 places and I can coach myself to high heaven about it all but right now I want to thrash and cry. But this pain is different because I know I’m choosing it. I know I’m choosing the results I’m getting and I know I can change that whenever I am ready. So I’m asking myself, what’s the pay off for this story I have about turning 40?

I’m accepting myself for where I am right now and just checking out these feelings being curious about what they have to teach me.

Join me at my party!






That’s sort of the moral of my one-woman cabaret-style show, LIVE DEEP, which premieres in honor of my birthday this Saturday night. If you are in the DC area or up for taking a ride, I’d love to celebrate with you. You can see all the details of my show at You can buy tickets there or make a donation to the Sitar Center which is where I am holding the event. They are an amazing group that provides free arts education for under-served kids in Washington DC.

If you are a Brooke Castillo student, client or fan, you’ll love my tribute to her. She features prominently in the show as do many of the lessons life coaches teach and apply in their own lives.

Also, I just wanted to address that I’ve been getting lots of questions about my Free Your Inner Author program and I want to tackle a few of them here.

First, the program includes 2 tickets to a live 3-day writing workshop. You can pick whether to attend in Washington D.C. (April 18-20 at the Doubletree in Dupont Circle) or in Santa Barbara, CA  (October 12-14 at a location TBD). Or you can attend any future FREE YOUR INNER AUTHOR LIVE program.

In addition, you’ll receive 6 online classes which are taught via audio and video – your choice. For each class you’ll get homework to help you apply the 10 steps to writing a book that makes a difference to your project. You’ll also have access to ask me questions or have me review your homework through our private Facebook group or on our monthly Q&A calls for as long as you’d like. I offer those calls the last Friday of each month at 12:30pm ET.

Here are a few more of the questions I’ve received:

  1. Where do you stay? When you come to one of my live, intensive workshops you can stay wherever you want. I’ve found people often stay at the hotel where the event is, but that’s entirely up to you. If you can find a better price or more suitable accommodations elsewhere, go for it. The next intensive is at the DoubleTree at 1515 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C., 20005.
  2. How much is it? The entire program including the live event, the online classes, and all the support you need for writing your book, is $1297.
  3. When is the next one? The next program starts April 18th.

If you have more questions let me know, or visit the Free Your Inner Author website.

I’m off to do more celebrating. Hope to see you Saturday night at my live show!

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