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Sneak PEEK! (And more ways to get things from me without paying for them)

I’m actually going to give you a transcript to Class #1 from my Free Your Inner Author program and I want you to take a look.

This is sort of a crazy thing to do but I’m sort of a crazy girl sometimes. Even though I have a money back guarantee, I want you to see what you are buying.


This class will give you a deep look inside the kind of work that is required to get your book out of your head and into your hands.

See, a lot of people think writing a book is all about the writing – and it’s true, you are going to need to make time to write your book if you are going to get it done – but there is SO much more to the process.

In fact, if you have tried to write a book and failed, it’s probably not because you didn’t make time to write; it’s probably because you didn’t make time to do all the other steps that are involved with a project like writing a book.


Think of it like running a marathon. Yes, showing up race day and running 26.2 miles is required, but if you think that’s the only step, you probably aren’t going to achieve the goal. You need to create a training schedule, adjust your eating style, learn about race day fuel and water requirements, and sign up for the right race for you.

The same is true about writing a book.

In my Free Your Inner Author program, I walk you through the steps you need to know to get this milestone met. There are 6 classes – each about 75 minutes long. You’ll get the choice to read the transcripts, watch the video classes, or listen to the audio files (maybe while you are out training for that marathon!)

Each class has homework that breaks the task of writing a book into absolutely manageable pieces so you won’t get overwhelmed and run out of steam. And once you’ve finished your homework, you get 90 minutes with me one-on-one to get any questions answered, remove any remaining obstacles and get ready to write!

Click this link to read the (18 page!) transcript from class 1 and get started right now.

If you want even more of a sneak peak, I’ll send you transcripts from classes 2 and 3 – just drop me a note and ask. No strings.

If you are ready to make the commitment to writing your book there is still time to get in on this round of Free Your Inner Author. If you sign up right now you can take $50 off with the code – FYIA50OFF.

P.S. I only open enrollment to Free Your Inner Author a few times a year. If you want to get your book written in 2014, now is the perfect time to get started. Enrollment closes March 3rd! Here’s that link again:

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