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Cassie Parks – Book Journeys Author Interview

Cassie ParksLast week’s  Book Journeys episode with Angela Lauria introduced Cassie Parks, author of Money Mindset for a Champagne Life, a book that talks not just about personal money management but also leads readers through a process of having the right money mindset and creating their own money strategy. Cassie is a life coach and money maven, and has developed the Money, Money, Money course that teaches the tools to create the money attraction mindset. The book was actually written to encourage people to register for her program. Cassie admits that her decision to become an author was motivated by her desire to be a speaker and have a book to sell after her speech. But she also realized how powerful it is to have a book in someone’s hand that one can go to any moment they needed help and support.

Cassie attributes much of her success in completing her book to the Difference Press process which helped her in picking her book topic by answering all the relevant questions to start her writing process. She said she had no idea what to write until she discussed her goals and her Money, Money, Money program with Angela, and it finally made sense to her to come up with a book that would encourage people in their money attraction and register for her program. Angela’s program provided the steps that allowed Cassie to have the outcomes that she wanted for her book, which goes through all the money beliefs of people and then shows them that her Money, Money, Money course is the program to be in to support their money mindset growth.

Money MindsetIt is not Cassie’s first time to write a book, having published several titles even before her Money Mindset book. But she says that what really made her feel like an author was not in writing the book but in selling it. Cassie’s book has been a bestseller on Amazon and she says this made it really easy for her to own the title of author, which she feels is something she wasn’t sure of in her other books, or at least not on the same level. Being on bestseller status for her means that her book did not just go into this pool of books, but that it came out of the gate hard. It means her book got noticed and being a bestselling author has given her more credibility in promoting her book. Having come out with her own book series, one of her big wins is that people in her world now look at her business more seriously. They have taken an interest on it that they would never have taken on before and it opens up opportunities to be interviewed more, has boosted her revenues, and has given her that confidence in promoting her business.


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