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Writer Career

Being an author is more than just writing books. To build a sustainable writer career, you must approach authorship as a business. Beyond creating compelling stories and nonfiction, you need business savvy to maximize your income and impact. Unless you write simply…

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Author Mindset

Being a skilled writer and crafting an author mindset isn't just about how to use writing techniques properly. Sure, knowing how to construct a sentence well is important. But what happens when the writers block hits? What happens when you find yourself…

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How to Be a Writer

So you want to improve your book writing skills and learn how to be a writer? That's fantastic! Writing can be an incredibly rewarding craft that allows you to express your creativity, share important ideas, and even make a living if you…

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What Is Publishing?

The Ultimate Guide to Book Publishing in 2024 So, what is publishing, anyway? If you have ever wondered how to get published, you probably have a lot of questions about the book publishing process. What does a publisher actually do to turn…

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