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An Invitation To Our Pool Party

It’s time to celebrate more of our authors!

On Tuesday, June 2nd at 4pm EST another eleven authors will be celebrating the launch of their books in our virtual party “Dive Into Your Book”. This time we’ll be celebrating our summer book launches pool party style, so this webinar event is a great excuse to make yourself a 4pm cocktail and join in the fun!

There is no selling on this event. It’s a well-deserved celebration of our latest authors’ successes. It’s also an opportunity to hear directly from first-time authors who had a book idea just three short months ago and now have a published book. How did they do it? I’ll be asking each one that very question. So if you believe you may want to write at some time in the future, be on this webinar because you will hear our first-time authors share how they got from idea to published so quickly and how they overcame their challenges along the way.

You can sign-up at:

Date: June 2nd
Time: 4pm Eastern Time, 7pm Pacific Time, 9pm British time, 6am Australian time
(or you can sign up and receive the recording to watch whenever you want)

Perhaps it’s because we’re now using video for our launches instead of a conference call, but our preliminary publicity on Facebook has already signed up hundreds of people. That’s more than ever at this stage in the process. The event capacity is 500 and it looks like we’ll hit the limit, so sign-up soon if you are interested in being there.

Here’s the link again:

Hope to see you!

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