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A Massive Opportunity I Want You To Know About

The last few months have completely screwed up the big publishing game. Why?

Publishers greatest skill was selling books to book stores

Now all the bookstores are closing-many never to re-open.

And I’m hearing from even the biggest NY Times authors that they no longer see the point in giving 80-90% of their revenue when they can just self publish and own all their rights.

Wow! What a huge shift. It’s been coming for a decade, but COVID accelerated what was taking years into a sizemic shift that’s happened in the last few weeks

This is a MASSIVE opportunity for new authors like you and me.

There’s literally no better time in our history to write and publish a book.

So long as you know how to win in the self publishing game (most people don’t).

In today’s video I explain exactly how to make it big with your message in what I call “Publishing 2.0”



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