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Why Am I Getting Different Results?


I just got off a call with Brooke Castillo where we talked straight to our haters. If you feel like it’s unfair that coaches like Brooke and I are getting results that you aren’t. You’re probably right. We aren’t smart than you. We don’t work harder. We aren’t more deserving and we aren’t just lucky.

Here are my big take aways from today’s call. If you listened in, chime in with yours. The recording is included at the end of the post.

1. Go all in. Most people ride the clutch and the brake at the same time in business they are half in and half out. But if accepted a corporate job you wouldn’t be thinking “eh, maybe it will work out, maybe it won’t” if you started a college degree you wouldn’t think “eh, what’s $50k a year, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll quit.” When I started my company I wrote myself an offer letter and had 4 friends sign it as well and help hold me accountable for the terms of my agreement. Brooke talked about a similar decision point for her. If you are going to do this. Commit all the way. Don’t ride the clutch and brake.

2. Create services and products for the purpose of selling them. Your logo doesn’t matter, your company name doesn’t matter. Your website doesn’t matter. These are ego things you GET to do but they are not what will determine your success. The first step is to make things and offer them. Learn to market and sell or go get a job. You have to learn how to market and sell if you really want to make a difference. Either choice is fine. Lying to yourself with branding projects isn’t.

3. Make offers. All marketing works. When you create something for the purpose of selling it and then actually make the offer, you can’t lose. 100% of the time you get the feedback you need to take the next step. Don’t make an offer and you’ll never know if you made something sellable. No buyers! Awesome data. Go back and make something sellable!

4. When you find something that works stick with it. Stop changing course. Changing course is for people who don’t want to make a difference. If you have created something and sold it. It works. The universe wants you to do MORE of that. Grow it. Nurture it. Do it better. When you change your mind, you are sending a signal to the universe that you don’t want success. Your wish will be granted. When you nurture and show gratitude for something that’s working you’ll get more.

5. Create a program. AFTER you make something sellable and sell it. Go all in. Do the branding. Make the website beautiful. Get your trademarks. Improve the program. Build it better. Invest in a mentor. Make it your own. Clarify your special sauce.

6. Constrain your focus. Now stop testing offers and constrain your focus. Say no 10 times more. Until you meet your monthly goals don’t take on anything new. Constraining your focus is the greatest way you can show you love your clients.

7. When you buy a program do everything in it. Investing in mentors is one of the greatest decisions you can make. Particularly if you expect others to invest in your leadership. But being a consumer can be a trap. Be a discerning buyer. And when you do make a purchase, do it all the way

8. Run your business like a business. When I was 15, I started working at Kinney shoes. Each night, week and month we had closing procedures which included a daily, weekly and monthly revenue target. If we missed our number a few times in a row, corporate would be alerted and they’d send help. The universe is sending you messages every day if you are headed in the right direction. Do you have the listening systems in place to catch those messages and course correct? To run your business like a business you must know your numbers.

9. Invest in yourself not your teachers. Are you an awesome bet? If you were placing odds on who was going to win, would you bet on yourself? If not, fix that now. Be an awesome bet! My authors tell me “without you my book wouldn’t have happened” and it’s true. I get results for my clients – but THEY do the work. They show up. And I choose only to work with people who know they are the best better they can make. They will always get better returns than any stock on the open market.

10. Manage your drama – don’t wish it away! The hardest part of running a business is managing the drama your business is designed to create in your head. Know the drama is coming and have a plan to address it. As your business grows the drama gets more intense and not less! There is no date in the future coming when you have this all figured out and it’s easy. Relish the drama and the intensity. Enjoy the opportunity to manage the drama and you’ll get more, bigger drama to manage. You deserve it!

Here’s the link to the recording:

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