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Wendy Fry – Book Journeys Author Interview

Wendy-Fry-Find-You-Find-LoveIn this Book Journeys show, Angela was joined by author Wendy Fry who shared her journey in writing her book, Find You, Find Love – Get to the heart of your love and relationships using EFT. Wendy is a business and life coach, and an emotional health and relationship consultant who shares her life experience of her own relationships and taps on her expertise in this self-help workbook. The aim of her book is to reach out to people who need support in getting to the heart of their love and relationship problems by connecting with their inner self. In particular, Wendy focuses on Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT as a way of releasing and relieving a range of symptoms that involve the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. It was EFT’s dramatic effect in her life that made her decide to include this particular tool in her book as it helped her uncover some of her own blocks and limitations in ways that other therapies do not always touch on. She shares a little bit of her own story in the book and how she’s worked through her own experiences of difficult relationships, then provides a whole range of resources like questioning techniques, charts, and case studies that people can work through on their own or with a friend or group.

Wendy’s vision for the book has started to be realized even though it’s been just over a month since her
book has been out. She has gotten positive feedback on her website where she shares free resources from the book, and has also had some fantastic reviews on Amazon. People have also been emailing her and telling her how the book has given them an understanding of false beliefs they’ve had all their life and how they’ve had a clearing because of what she has written. All this has been a humbling experience for her and she only feels deep joy and gratitude that people are helped and their lives are transformed because of her book. And one of the surprises she has met in her journey is how, despite her being an ordinary person, she has inspired other people to write their own book.

Find-You-Find-Love-Author-Wendy-FryWendy’s advice for those who want to be an author is to write everyday and have a variety of different ways of writing. In her case, she set a goal from the beginning to just take action everyday, whether it’s just jotting ideas by hand or sitting a few hours at the laptop. She adds that would-be authors should be aware that different emotions might come up in the process of writing, especially if they are sharing something that they’ve been through and have supposedly moved on from. So they would need to work through such emotions and she suggests taking time out, having enough sleep, eating healthy, and doing other such activities that will put their life in balance.

But the best thing about having written the book for Wendy was finding love along the way. Almost at the end of her writing, she met her partner which, for her, was totally unexpected because she thought she was in a place where she was whole and feeling good about herself, and didn’t think she needed someone. So the title of her book, Find You, Find Love, actually came true for her. What a great fairy tale ending to another book journey.

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