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Sandi Phillips Meyler – Book Journeys Author Interview – Mar. 2, 2017

On this episode of Book Journeys, Vice President for The Author Incubator, Jenn McRobbie, interviews Sandi Phillips Meyler, author of On the Road with Abraham: Master Manifestation and Create a Kick-Ass Life.

Abraham-Hicks is a company that publishes the words of Abraham, which is a teaching entity which is channeled by Esther Hicks, and Sandi had been learning about the Law of Attraction, as it was explained by Abraham, for years, as well as listening to the weekly seminars the company offered. Sandi didn’t figure she could get a job with Abraham-Hicks, as she lived in Vermont and the company was based in Texas, but she got in through a roundabout way, by first meeting the man who was her husband, who was a trucker by profession and who had been hired by Abraham-Hicks just that very weekend. Sandi then began meeting her soon-to-be husband regularly and began traveling on the road with him; and it was after they had been traveling together for a month that Abraham-Hicks then hired her retroactively.

Sandi admits that there are so many messages from Abraham that there will be those who delve into these and get overwhelmed, as not all of the messages are bound to apply to them. She remarked that, during her work with Abraham-Hicks, she had jotted down so many things that, when she first submitted the outline for a book, she admitted that the resultant book would have been as long as a set of encyclopedias. She knew she needed help to narrow things down, and she was able to do that after undergoing the process offered by the Difference Press and Angela Lauria.

While Sandi commented that the process was fun, overall, she did admit to having times when she wondered just what she was doing. She also found herself resisting things during the writing process and admitted that she loved being able to clean up that resistance, as once the resistance is gone she could then allow energy to flow through her. Sandi remarked that the pain associated with resistance is because the baggage was being released, and commented that, according to Abraham, being in alignment and balance in one’s life is not an event, like a graduation, but is a constant process that is more like walking a tightrope and adjusting to the conditions that inevitably come up, such as a strong gust of wind hitting a tightrope walker and the like. She also admitted to having some life changes take place during the process and noted that Angela had warned her about that. Sandi also remarked that nothing in the process went the way she had thought it would, and admitted to having lost thirty-five pounds during this period.

For Sandi, publishing the book has enabled her to reach more people than she could have done, personally, and one thing she likes about the process she underwent is that she now knows that her message has value. Sandi encourages those who are thinking about writing a book to go ahead and do so, positing the question of whether or not they would regret not doing so on their deathbed.


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(Transcript) Sandi Phillips Meyler – Book Journeys Author Interview – March 2, 2017

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