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People Call Us Pretenders….

The main reason I agreed to make The Weight Of Success Documentary – against the advice of most of my most trusted confidantes – is because I’m tired of people putting down Life Coaches. They say we lack credibility. They say we aren’t qualified. They say we don’t know what we are doing.

Well my journey of weight loss, of reconciliation with my Father, and in helping 800 coaches and healers and consultants touch millions of lives, proves this theory completely wrong.

So I agreed to do the movie to help put the life coaching industry on the map. We’re well known – but we’re not mainstream yet. And this decade I’m all about making the general public understand the power behind the work that we do.

And it’s working. We won big at 10 film festivals last year.

I was recently on TV in DC talking about how life coaching is changing lives.

And in Los Angeles:

I’ve done radio, podcasts…. a bunch of media.

And we’ve been talking to people from all walks of life about how they feel about life coaching…

I’m doing all of this for you.

There just isn’t time to mess around any more. People NEED our help and they NEED to know we exist.

This year I’m going to help 300 coaches, healers, and consultants grow their businesses to multi-six and seven-figure levels by helping them write a book that puts them on the map, and draws to them the dream clients they want to work with.

Around 1,500 people each month apply for a place in my program, and each month my team and I choose 25 who we think have what it takes to write their book in 90 days and spend the rest of the year (and the next few years) growing their practice and spreading their message on a greater and greater scale.

The Weight Of Success isn’t just helping to legitimize what we do (and get each and every life coach more clients).

It’s also calling to me the right people for me to help get their message to the masses.

If you’re still reading and watching… perhaps you’re one of them.

If so, I invite you to take this training:

And perhaps you’ll be one of the next coaches who are helping to open our industry to the masses.

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