The Weight of Success

The Story of Dr. Angela Lauria - One of the Fastest Growing Life Coaches

The Weight of Success is a “warts and all” documentary that chronicles the life and work of Dr. Angela Lauria, one of the fastest rising stars in the self - help and life coaching industries. Eight years ago she was broke, she started a business to teach aspiring life coaches and self - help authors how to write a book that “makes a difference.” Now she is a multimillionaire who lives in a castle in the outskirts of Washington DC, and from her Author Training Academy in Georgetown, DC she has helped over 800 authors write books that have touched millions of lives and made millions of dollars. While her fans and supporters believe she may become the next Oprah Winfrey, her rapid success has cost her friendships, colleagues and strained family relationships.  

Is Life Coaching a Scam? Do they help or do they hurt? This documentary aims to inspire the audience to answer for themselves: are Life Coaches modern prophets or are they just concerned with profits? You decide.

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