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November Monthly Author Showcase

We are so excited to celebrate another group of transformational authors who have released brand new books into the world, just in the last month! If nothing else, this year has shown us all that the world needs healing and change—the time is NOW, and we’re so proud of our authors who are standing in their power to put transformation into practice.

This month our authors released 17 books, covering topics ranging from leadership to relationships. For more on their powerful messages, check out the interview below—then keep scrolling for free gifts and offers each author is making available for a limited time!

Watching the interviews you can really feel the raw energy that each of these authors have for their missions, their readers, and for each other. Here at The Author Incubator we strive to give these change-makers a community with the space to become their best and most empowered selves, and this group of authors shows how powerful community can be.

Becoming an author is about more than putting words on a page—it’s a series of individual acts of bravery that puts you closer and closer to readers whose problems you can solve.

The technical pieces (like your structure, formatting, audience, and book topic) tend to fall into place with the right kind of guidance—but the kind of support required to put yourself out there and create a truly transformational book is hard to come by! Most aspiring authors—even those who know exactly what they want to write and who they’re writing for—never find it, which might explain why over 98% of Americans who WANT to write a book, never do.

Writing a book is very rarely the solitary act it’s romanticized to be. Watching the interviews above, you’ll hear many of these authors describe how they benefitted from having the support of a huge team of coaches, editors, marketers, and project managers behind them—but we can never discount the impact of working alongside a group of like-minded change-makers.

If you’re set on isolating yourself in a cabin in a forest for an extended period of time, we wish you the best of luck! But if you’re interested in joining and contributing to a strong community of leaders who can help you write a truly transformational book in a few short months, these authors are living proof that there’s another option open to you.

While this month is officially sold out for our next group of authors, we always save three spots for applicants who have attended the monthly broadcast. If you’ve gotten to this point, we know you have the level of motivation we’re looking for in new authors, so if you apply using the link on this page we’ll bump you to the front of the application cue.

If you’re ready to get your thoughts out of your head and onto the page—with the help of a dedicated team of professionals and a network of healers and entrepreneurs to support you on your journey—we’d love to hear about how YOU want to change the world in the way that only you can.

Just go to




And now, please enjoy some messages and gifts from the authors featured this month:

Betty Barnett
Start Thriving as a Coach!: Release Your Money Blocks and Learn to Manifest Like a Master 
Since you’ve downloaded this book, I know that you are on the path to thriving as a coach and manifesting the life you want like a master! Please join my Facebook collective of other like-minded women and share your triumphs with us all!

As a thank you, I have created a video series that will encourage you to keep moving forward. Don’t forget to also take the Sacred Money Archetype quiz! Find them both at my website. I am passionate about keeping coaches coaching, and I appreciate you.

Download my book here:

Kimberly Brenner LCSW
The Gutsy Wife’s Guide to Save Your Marriage: Six Steps to Master Effective Communication with Your Husband 
My wish for you is for a long, happy life for both of you. You took the initiative to download this book, and for that, I thank you, and I hope you ask your husband to appreciate you wanting to have a happier married life.

If you want more ideas to make your husband shower you with love, get my free audio eCourse, “5 Days to a More Responsive Husband” on my website and follow me on Facebook.

Download my book here:

Carolyn DeLucia, MD FACOG
Ultimate Connection: The Blueprint to Everlasting Love Inside Yourself 
Thank you for downloading my book! I am so excited that you have spent this time with me. This is the second in a series. I hope you join me for all of them.

I would like to show my appreciation by inviting you to take a free class I offer online called Ultimate Intimacy. Please email me to request the link. Feel free to follow me on my my Instagram and YouTube.

Download my book here:

Ginny Ellsworth
Making Spirit-Led Decisions for Your Marriage: Unlock the Right Answer for Your Relationship
In this book, I asked you to dig deep, uproot some longtime beliefs, and try new things. Thank you for being brave. I hope you feel confident in the steps you’ve learned to make spirit-led decisions. I hope that you know you are worthy of being the person God created you to be, no strings attached. I hope that you recognize God speaking through your inner wisdom and know that your inner wisdom is worthy of being heard. As a thank you for your courage, I’ve recorded a message just for you. Take a look here.

Download my book here:

Janet Farnsworth, MSW
Your Body Is Your Superpower: How to Live with Confidence, Creativity, and Joy 
From the bottom of my heart: thank you for downloading this book.

I recognize that your time is precious and that you spent some of it to download this book, which delights and awes me.

Please allow me to share a twenty-minute yoga class – a practice not for how you look, but how you feel. Please email me. Write “You’re welcome, Janet!” as the subject, and I will send you the link.

Contact me at my website or email me.

In all things, love on!

Download my book here:

Karina Ferrar
To Change or Not to Change: 8 Steps to Get Comfortable with Taking Risks and Making Big Life Decisions
Thank you all for downloading my book! I applaud you as you commence your new path and want to support you along the way. I am passionate about helping great women become great leaders and would love to learn more about you and the hike you’re taking towards this great change making experience. As a show of appreciation, I would love to gift you with a free class on overcoming fears of risk and changing things in your life that are unfulfilling and aren’t making you happy. To get your special bonus from me, please visit my website.

See you there!

Download my book here:

Kimberly Glow MD
Alchemize Your Divorce: Turn the Toxic Stress of Your Marriage into Abundant Energy for Life 
Thank you, my soul sister, for spending your valuable time with me. I hope you received the information and tools that you desired, and if not, and you’d like more information, I’d be happy to assist you. Reach out to me via my website and email me. Check my book’s Facebook Group. You are now officially invited to sign up and be a member of the Glow Effect Community.

Let’s all shine our light and support one another on our individual and collective journeys of the soul.

Download my book here:

Anna Harold
Freedom from Stress, the Horse’s Way: How Equine Facilitated Coaching Can Help You Heal and Thrive
Thank you for taking the time to download this book. Feel free to email me and connect.

Download my book here:

Chenire Harrell-Carter
You Can Have Both: The Guilt-Proof Guide to Managing Your Relationship like You Do Your Business
I love each and every one of you who downloaded this book. You have truly made my heart smile! Since you have this book, I know that you are on the path to further express your true power as a powerhouse professional or entrepreneur, without limiting your commitment to your family. This can be a delicate balance and I want to support you as much as possible. Visit my website for a free class and other resources for you, to catalyze your movement and transform the way you do things at work and at home. Again, I truly love, value, and appreciate you. I can’t wait to join you on your journey.

Download my book here:

Dr. Stephen McCray
Dynamic Equity: Lead Your Team Successfully through Extraordinary Racial Change 
Thank you for downloading my book. Leadership for transformation is not always easy, particularly in the middle of unprecedented racial, cultural, and global change. Yet, you stepped up! I always think about the many people, especially children, that we are serving by creating safe, equitable spaces, not just now but down the road. As a thank you for your commitment, I am offering you a free strategy session to support your work going forward. Want to talk strategy, explore an idea, or get my take on next steps? You can email me to sign up for a free one-hour session.

Download my book here:

Kristin Panek
Authentic Leadership: The Guide to Be a Spiritual Leader in Your Community 
Thank you so much for downloading. If you’ve made it this far, I know one of two things about you. First, you are more ready than ever to be the type of leader you admire and aspire to be. And second, maybe you also start at the end the book before diving in. (I’ve done that too.) You might be surprised that the end of my book is also a beginning. As a thank you for buying this book, I’d like to offer a free thirty-minute session to support you with any aspect of leadership. Please feel free to email me to schedule a session. I look forward to hearing from you.

Download my book here:

Kendra Sandoval
Rest, Listen, Love: Learn to Live Joyfully with Chronic Pain
I want to thank you for downloading my book and sharing along in my journey. As a special thank you, I thought it might be fun to for you to have the first video I ever did with a synapsis of each chapter. I look forward to hearing your story. Please be in touch soon!

We are not alone in our journey with chronic pain. Click here to walk through Rest Listen Love together!

Download my book here:

S. Sequoia Stafford
I’m Not Jealous: The Ethical Non-Monogamist’s Guide to Free Love Relationships Without Suffering 
Thank you for downloading my book and trying on the FREE LOVE relationship model with me. I’m passionate about helping others with creating relationships and intimacy that work for them. Please keep in touch on Facebook and Instagram, and feel free to touch others by sharing how this work made a difference in your life. Everyone is dying to have someone to talk to about hard topics. Be that person or refer them to me.

Download my book here:

Dr. Jennifer Stebbing DO
Rehabbing the Last 10 Percent: Solutions for Patients Who Have Plateaued during Physical Therapy 
Thank you for downloading this book. I hope that it helps you help your patients! If it made you more curious and you are interested in learning more, please take a look at my website where I will be offering online education for physical therapists. I can also be contacted through the website. I look forward to hearing from you!

Download my book here:

Arraina Thomas, LPCC, LICSW
The Art of Getting Unstuck: The African American Man’s Journey from Surviving to Thriving
Thank you for downloading my book. Feel free to email me to connect!

Download my book here:

Mildred Velez
Voices of Fibro: The Guidebook for Moms Seeking to Care and Support Their Child Living with Fibromyalgia
Thanks so much for downloading my book. I would love to hear more about your journey in helping your child manage their fibromyalgia. I would love to see your wins, so please share them via email or direct message via my Facebook and Instagram.

To learn more about the Fibromyalgia Care Society of America, visit our website, find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Download my book here:

Karen Wright
The Accidental Alpha Woman: The Guide to Thriving When Life Feels Overwhelming
Since you’ve downloaded this book, I know that you are on the path to redefining what it means for you to be both strong and open to receiving. I’d love to continue to support you on this journey. Visit my website for some free resources and for information about additional products, communities and programs. And you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Download my book here:



Thanks so much for joining us in celebrating these authors’ achievements! Check out their books and offerings, share them with the people in your life who might need them now more than ever, and we’ll see you next month for another Monthly Author Showcase. 🙂

Love, Light, and Blessings from all the Muses,
The Author Incubator

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