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Jeanne Boschert – Book Journeys Author Interview

Book Journeys Author Interview: Jeanne Boschert

Jeanne Boschert - The Ethical ExitThis week’s featured author on Book Journeys is Jeanne Boschert, writer of The Ethical Exit.

The title of Jeanne’s book already says a lot about what it’s about. It’s obviously about leaving something behind in an ethical way. Jeanne explained that it stemmed from her own personal journey as she went through transitions in her life which involved her being in the corporate rat race for so many years. She came to realize that it was not really what she had wanted and so she left that world to do things on her own. What she did was essentially an “ethical exit” since she made it in good way without burning bridges. She decided to write about the journey she experienced in the hope  that she can help transition others to make the same kind of ethical leap.

As a coach, she realized that what she did was something a lot of people had always wanted to do but weren’t able to simply because they didn’t know how. “It’s all about how to leap in a good way,” she said. “Most people throw their keys in and say, ‘Screw it!’ That’s not the way to go. That’s not the way to leap,” she explained. To correct this mistake, she made it her job to teach people how to make sure the leap is good through her book, The Ethical Exit.

For Jeanne, writing The Ethical Exit was something that stemmed from her childhood and how she was brought up in the South where integrity is valued. Her corporate experience allowed her to see the reality of when people would quit their jobs incorrectly, which affected themselves, the company, and their future options. There is a lot at stake that can get ruined. Jeanne said that a simple conversation could fix most issues and problems that involve emotional decisions in the heat of the moment. In her experience, being clear about what she wanted to do and how she wanted to do it was crucial.

Integrity is what Jeanne wants to impart to other people who are in the same situation she was in before. Thinking things over is something Jeanne feels is very important when thinking of leaving a job. She explained that there’s a point when it might be too late to fix things and it would then be a situation where it’s the boss who will have to make a decision or the employee might do something regrettable.

The Ethical Exit - Jeanne BoschertJeanne’s experience in writing The Ethical Exit was something that deviated from the kind of technical writing that she used to do. Her book gave her the chance to work with people who prodded her along with questions that got her thoughts triggered and kept her creative juices flowing, which helped in keeping writer’s block at bay. Writing The Ethical Exit also let her connect emotionally with her content. She was able to put her heart into it, which was something she had not done before in her former line of work. The book allowed her to meet people she otherwise would not have helped if it had not existed.

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Next week, watch out for Angela’s interview with another exciting author.

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