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New Releases by Incubated Authors

Our newest authors have JUST published their books for the first time on Amazon. Congrats authors! You did it! These books are already climbing the bestseller charts where they’re going to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people who need these messages. You can preorder your copy today – they’ll be ready in just a couple months after we wrap up editing and final touches!

Lise Anne Maclean Allin
The Millionaire Woman’s Successful Divorce… (Why Shouldn’t You Take Your Assets With You?): So Your Marriage is Over. Now What? How to Figure Out and Solve Your Impending Financial Crisis.


Aggie Alvarado
Between Worlds: I Can See Clear Now

Heather Simone
The Diamond Advantage: Promote Yourself  Without Losing Yourself

Sharon Burch
JumpStart Piano with Freddie The Frog: Teach more kids in less time and make more money!

Cari Jane Casper-Bassler
The TRAMPOLINE Method: 10 Steps To Going From Artist To Authority In Your Medium

Yacin Chandler
I Don’t Want to Fight Anymore!: How to get your tween/teen to listen to you!

Lee Whetstone Ellis
Love the One You’re With: How to Stop Feeling Trapped and Stay in Your Marriage for Life

Teresa Escrig
Safe A.I.: Handbook for Mid-Market CEOs to Define an A.I. Strategy with the Highest ROI, which will Attract the Best Talent, without Unintended Consequences

Cami Haynes
7 Secrets to Synergy: A Leader’s Guide to Reducing Employee Complaints of Bias, Retaining Top Talent, and Attracting the Best New Candidates

Amari Ice
Love Alchemy: Transform the Lead of Lost Love into Relationship Gold

Donna Karaba
PASSION PURPOSE PROFIT: Fortune 500 Mother and Authentic Executive Coach Reveals 6 Secrets in How to Work From Home While Raising Your Children to Become Happy, Successful and Free

Kery Knutson
Create a New You: Simple Steps to Health-ify Your Life

Kate LaBrosse
Choose to Become: How to Heal Your Bipolar Disorder and Create Your Authentic Life

Trisha Mandes
Weight Loss for Your Best Life: Even If You Can’t Exercise

R Jade McAuliffe
Wake Me From the Nightmare: How to Survive Suicide Loss and Feel Like Yourself Again

Majeed Mogharreban
The Expert Speaker: Public Speaking For Profit And Impact Even If You’re Not Famous (Yet!)

Pam Reid
New Lenses: A Prescription To See Your Adult Children Differently

Sara Shisler Goff
All Desires Known: Claim Your Power and Reignite Your Passion For Ministry

Marcy Stone 
The Voice
of an Angel: A Mother’s Guide to Grief and How to Thrive After the Loss of a Child

Juliana Tabares
To Stay or Not to Stay: All You Have to Know Before Quitting the Job that Makes You Unhappy

Megan Jo Wilson
Who The F*ck Am I To Be a Rockstar?!: A Goddess guide to loving your thighs, raising your voice, and rocking your coaching business.

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