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My Big Launch Day F Up – Part 2

I have 2 amazing events in early 2015 I’d like to fill before the end of the year so I’m going to offer an amazing price point of 50% off if you decide you want to join us before December 31, 2015.

Here are the mansions where we’ll be writing:

San Diego, California
Feb. 2 – 4


Bath, England
April 11 – 13


This is a 3 day “Retreat” where you arrive on the first day with a book idea and leave on the 3rd day with a finished manuscript.

Here’s what the THREE DAYS TO DONE (3D2D) includes:

• 4 nights accommodation and all meals & snacks
• Detailed guidance and accountability to get your book done on site
• Developmental Editing onsite
• Proofreading post event
• Cover and Interior Design
• Digital publishing (additional fee for optional print publishing)
• Marketing support
• A Big Book launch where you become a best seller
• You keep all rights and royalties

Pick which location and dates sounds better to you. Email me with the subject line I’m in for San Diego or I’m in for Bath and you’ll get a priority call with me to review the program and see if you are a fit.

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