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How To Write A Book That Creates Clients – Why Most New Authors Fail

Thank you for all your comments and messages about my Thanksgiving Week mini-series, How To Write A Book That Creates Clients! We’ve already covered how to pick the right book topic and how authors actually make money.

I’m continuing the series today with an unmissable training on Why Most First-Time Authors Fail.

According to the NY Times 91% of people want to write a book. But only 3% finish their manuscript. Of that 3% who do finish, only 20% ever publish. So that’s 0.6% of people who want to write a book ever actually write and publish it!

I’m going to teach you the main reasons why most first-time authors never finish their books, why 99% of my authors finish theirs in just 9 weeks, and how YOU can too!

I’m also getting a lot of messages from people who watched this broadcast and are asking for help with their books. I cannot answer all messages as I commit 90% of my time to working with my authors-in-transformation. We do have 9 applicants for every place in the program right now, but I’ve instructed my acquisitions editors to hold back two spots for people who participate in this mini-series because I’m giving a lot of in-depth understanding that will help you hit the ground running in my program. If you are ready to give back to the world with your message of hope and healing, use this link to apply for one of the open places:

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