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What’s Your Weirdest Scar?

Quick inventory:

  1. How many scars do you have?
  2. Where are they?
  3. How did you get them?


That’s the game my fiancé and I played last night.

There were scars we remembered getting and ones we didn’t.

Scars that were shaped by our personalities and scars that shaped it.

Scars that had faded over time and scars that had gotten more prominent.

Scars are so intimate. Most people will never see or pay attention to the scars hidden under clothes — on your ankles, knees and elbows. Generally, you don’t spend much time looking at them with others. Scars are little secrets.


And I wonder if our business lives had bodies, what would their scars be like.

I’m pretty sure The Failed Launch of 2010 left me with a gash on my cheek. Wonder how much that has faded?

The day I accidentally spammed 600 members of the ICF… Oh yeah, hunk of my knee scooped out on that deal. Required stitches.

That dream client who turned into a nightmare last summer – if you squint you can see a tiny line near the top of my knuckle just there.

Our business bodies – if we are doing it right – are covered in scars. If you are hiding under a rock somewhere protecting yourself from every nick and scratch, you are not doing it right.

When we compared scars last night we talked about boat rides, trips to the petting zoo, rogue cockatoos, go-cart racing, swing sets and swimming pools. We talked about old neighbors, siblings, our favorite hobbies and old cars like his mom’s Skoda and my mom’s Ford LTD. We talked about the rich fabric of life that comes with scars.

Putting yourself out there knowing you are going to eff up. You are going to crash and burn and fail. Sometimes. And you are going to get scars. That is living as an entrepreneur – not a hobbyist or a wanna be.

Pink sings: “I don’t wanna be flawless when I go. I want the cuts to show.”

Life leaves scars but the truth is most of the time nobody is looking at yours.

What does this mean for you?

  • Commit to your book even though you are too busy.
  • Make an offer every day to at least 1 person (if you make 20 offers in a month I bet you get a client.)
  • Stop trying to get your logo right or your website perfect and serve people like a kid riding a go-cart down hill at full speed.

Look ma! No hands!!!!

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