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What is an Online Store that Can be Used for Self-Publishing Books?

This article provides an overview of some of the most sought-after self-publishing companies, and how their services match up with different book genres. It’s important to consider your specific needs and goals when deciding which online store can be used for self-publishing books. Different book genres often require different types of support, so be sure to choose a company that can best meet your needs to help you make an informed decision when selecting a self-publishing company for your book.

Aspiring authors should be aware of the many companies claiming to offer services for self-publishing. While some are reputable, others may be ‘vanity presses’ aiming to capitalize on unsuspecting writers. To ensure you get quality service, it is essential to research and finds a reliable provider.

Online Stores Used for Self-Publishing Books

The beauty of ebook publishing is that any author can upload and launch their books without outside help. This means anyone who wants to be an author can easily become one without going through a traditional publishing house. This opens the playing field for many new authors who might otherwise never get into publication.

There are two main ways to go about when choosing an online store that can be used for self-publishing books:

  • One option for selling your book is to go through retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble Press. This can be a great way to get your book in front of many potential customers who might not otherwise see it.
  • Another way is using an aggregator like Draft2Digital or Smashwords. These aggregators make it easy to distribute your book across multiple online retailers in just a few clicks. You don’t need to worry about negotiating contracts or setting up accounts with each retailer, as these aggregators will do all the work for you. This can help save time and energy in getting your book out there quickly so that you can focus on writing your next one.

With the rise of digital books, there is now a multitude of book retailers for readers to choose from. The four most prominent book retailers are Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Any online store that can be used for self-publishing books has different advantages and disadvantages, making it important for readers to analyze their needs before choosing which retailer is right for them. In this article, we will discuss the features offered by each retailer and how they compare to one another.

Amazon KDP

Amazon is the largest online bookstore in the world, accounting for 74% of U.S. ebook sales in 2015 and dominating the market for digital books. The platform makes it easier to find and purchase books with its vast selection of titles and convenient delivery options. It also offers Kindle eBook readers, giving readers access to a wide range of ebooks on any device they own.

Furthermore, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform is a way for authors to self-publish their books and reach a global audience. It’s important to differentiate Amazon Writing from Amazon Publishing. The former focuses on creating original content, while the latter works with established writers and publishers. KDP enables authors to upload their manuscripts, set the price, and get their books available in no time. It also provides extensive support and resources to help writers market their work.

Amazon KDP and KDP Select are different services. KDP is a self-publishing platform for authors to sell their books on Amazon, while KDP Select is an exclusive program that allows authors to give away their books for free in exchange for the following:

  • Kindle Countdown Deals With these deals, you can save up to 80% off the list price of select Kindle books, and make them available wirelessly to your device. To take advantage of these deals, click on the “kindle countdown” link on the Amazon website while logged in.
  • Kindle Unlimited Enrollment – KU, or Kindle Unlimited, is a subscription service from Amazon that gives readers access to many eBooks and audiobooks. With KU, you can borrow books for free and keep them as long as you want. There are no due dates, so you can read at your own pace. Plus, if you finish a book and return it, you can immediately borrow another.
Apple Books

Apple has always been a leader in the tech industry, and its impact has extended far beyond just technology. In 2010, the company founded its self-publishing arm, Apple Books, which allows authors to publish ebooks and audiobooks directly to the Apple Books store. In addition to providing authors with new avenues for success and success stories that inspire others, Apple Books serves as a reminder that there is more opportunity than ever for content creators in the digital age.

Although it may be challenging to generate revenue from a book published on Apple Books, the process of publishing is relatively simple. Anyone can create and publish a book on the platform with minimal effort.

Barnes & Noble Press

Barnes & Noble Press is the self-publishing platform of Barnes & Noble, one of the world’s largest booksellers. With Barnes & Noble Press, authors can easily upload their manuscripts and instantly publish them to a wide range of platforms including NOOK eReaders, the Apple App Store, and other digital retailers. They also make it easy for authors to get their work out into the world without hassle or expense.

It’s worth mentioning that authors can publish their books for free on this platform. 2021 has kicked off with a bang for the literary world with the launch of B&N Press’ ad portal. Authors can now take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to advertise their books and increase their sales on Barnes & Noble’s website. The ad portal provides an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to create ads and target their audience, allowing them to reach out to potential readers and make more money from their books.

Rakuten Kobo

Rakuten Kobo, a Canadian business division of Rakuten, the world’s largest online retailer in Japan, is another online store that can be used for self-publishing books. It offers a comprehensive selection of books in digital and physical formats, as well as e-readers for people who prefer digital content. With discounts and special offers, Rakuten Kobo makes it easy for customers to find the perfect book at an affordable price. Moreover, its free reading app allows readers to access their library from any device with an internet connection. Rakuten Kobo is quickly becoming one of the last big retailers you need to know about when buying books.

Kobo, a digital ebook platform, and mobile app are quickly becoming the go-to choice for readers outside of the United States. With an expansive library of ebooks from publishers in over 190 countries, Kobo has a truly global reach.


We suggest that those who want to use an aggregator for their writing needs should try Draft2Digital. This is because Draft2Digital provides an easy way for users to convert their files into a format available on any device. Furthermore, Draft2Digital offers a wide range of options when it comes to filing conversion, making it the perfect tool for anyone who needs to convert their writing into a different format.

D2D not only format your book for you, but they also offer other great perks such as:

  • Provides authors with Universal Book Links: UBLs are unique links to an author’s book that are available for sharing online and across multiple retailers. They enable authors to easily drive traffic to their books and make it easier for potential readers to find, purchase, and read their books. UBLs are a way for authors to connect with their readers and create more visibility for their work.
  • Automated Back Matter Tool: As one of their most recent features, this tool allows authors to quickly and easily add additional content to their books in just a few clicks. This tool makes it easier for authors to include important information such as acknowledgments, reviews, and promotional links in the back of their books.

Draft2Digital is not only easy to use online store that can be used for self-publishing books, but it also distributes your ebook to all of the major ebook stores. You can’t go wrong with Draft2Digital.


Smashwords was the first aggregator to provide authors with a one-stop shop for the distribution of their ebooks. However, with the rise of Draft2Digital, Smashwords has been pushed out of the spotlight. Smashwords and Draft2Digital are two popular options for self-publishing authors. They both have similar pricing structures and royalty percentages, making them both viable choices for those looking to self-publish their work. Yet, when compared side-by-side, it becomes clear that there are some subtle differences between the two.

Although Smashwords is a popular choice for publishing eBooks, its user experience can be challenging to navigate. This is because the entire formatting process needs to be undertaken by the user, which can prove challenging.

Unfortunately, they do not offer distribution services to Amazon, meaning that authors must find another way to make their books available through Amazon. However, Smashwords does provide other great services like formatting and a global distribution across multiple platforms, making it easier for authors to reach readers all over the world. This is an online store that can be used for self-publishing books that is definitely worth checking.


PublishDrive is a relative newcomer to the publishing industry, but it has already made quite an impression. Founded in 2015, the company has quickly become a leader in digital publishing services with its impressive offerings and cutting-edge technology.

What truly sets PublishDrive apart from its competitors is its state-of-the-art user interface that makes tracking sales, managing rights & permissions, and creating marketing campaigns easier than ever before. Also, its comprehensive analytics provide detailed insights into book performance to help authors make informed decisions about their next steps in the publishing process.

PublishDrive stands out with features, including:

  • Pricing – PublishDrive offers subscription pricing options that are both affordable and flexible. Their monthly plans provide authors with access to their services, including eBook distribution, book marketing, sales tracking, and analytics, as well as a variety of other features.
  • Distribution – Authors can easily get their work published in over 300 retailers and libraries worldwide. Additionally, the platform offers advanced analytics and insights into reader engagement so authors can better understand their readers’ preferences.

Known for its widespread international presence, especially in Latin American and European markets, StreetLib has created a user-friendly & powerful dashboard that can be optimized in several languages, such as Spanish, English, Italian, Hindi, and many more. This feature allows copywriters to easily create content for a wide range of audiences without having to worry about language barriers.

In January 2019, they extended their reach to Egypt, showing the growing influence of their services. This expansion is a testament to StreetLib’s international success and demonstrates its commitment to helping authors around the world succeed.


XinXii is a digital publishing platform that has been around since 2008. Despite its name, it is not based in China, but rather in Berlin, Germany. With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive selection of books and publications, it has become a popular choice for authors who want to self-publish their work. It offers authors the opportunity to upload their work, get it reviewed by editors, and have it published quickly and securely. Its unique blend of technology and user-friendly features make

XinXii is an ideal choice for those looking to get their work out into the world without too much hassle.


When self-publishing, take your time to explore different options until you find the ones that work best for you. Be patient and flexible in your approach as it may require some experimentation before you hone in on an ideal system. There is no definitive path to self-publishing a book, so you must learn the ropes as you go along. As part of this process, you will gain invaluable experience and become more acquainted with the nuances of publishing & marketing your book.

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