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What I Learned about You from Reading 50 Shades of Grey

I resisted doing it for some time. With the amount of reading I do for my job, it’s hard to get in any books for pleasure – and fiction is always at the bottom of the list. But, over the Thanksgiving holiday,
I decided to dedicate some of my precious free hours to reading the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy.

Why am I admitting this?

Frankly, my partner Mila has already threatened to fill up Facebook with pictures of me reading it ’round the clock for 3 days straight and I did NOT want you to find out that way. So instead I thought I’d come clean (pun intended?) and share what I’ve learned.

Here goes:

  • How talented you are as a writer does not determine the impact you make in the world. Anyone can be a bestselling author, even if you don’t have a shred of writing talent. (Dear GOD that is a horribly written book series!)
  • Not everyone has a burning desire to make a positive difference in the world. If you have thought about writing a book because you want to help people, you are SPECIAL. This desire is a gift and a blessing, you need to embrace.
  • Sell the sizzle so you can serve the steak. 50 Shades is actually a pretty boring romance novel about a young, immature, and unhealthy couple that needs individual and couples therapy far more than life coaching. The author (whose name I am refusing to learn) had a stated goal to write an epic romance story – she wanted to create the Rhett and Scarlet of our age – and hot damn if she hasn’t manifested that reality in sexy Christian and darling Anastasia (gag). But without the promise of S&M this story would have been lost in the mass of romance novels. She used the sizzle to serve the steak she wanted and believe it or not – you can do exactly the same thing.

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